Common Mistakes that a Solar Panel Installation Company Must Avoid

By webadmin On January 27, 2023
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Are you planning to install a new solar panel in your home? Just got down to the right place. This article will discuss the common mistakes people often make while installing a solar panel. By the end of the article, you will be able to figure out what things you should avoid for good solar panel installation company services. Make sure to look for an experienced service provider for the installation. NRG Upgrade is available for installing your solar panels at an affordable cost in less time. We have been working in this industry for years and know how different types of solar panel installations work. You can talk to our customer support and let us know your demands and requirements. We will make sure to adjust the installation plan according to your convenience.

Solar Panel Installation Company Mistakes

Here are some of the most common solar panel installation company mistakes that people often make. Avoid these mistakes if you want efficient installation as your homework office.

Not Inspecting the Roof

Inspecting the frame and deck structure before the installation process is a common mistake that people make. For this, make sure to let a qualified engineer conduct this inspection. Any preexisting roof issues can affect the durability and efficiency of your newly installed solar panels. Make sure to follow the following instructions for roof inspection:

👉Ensure that your roof can support the weight of a solar array and can withstand heavy loads.

👉See if your roof is durable enough to bear the foot traffic load during the installation and maintenance process of the solar panel.

👉Also, check if the sheathing of your old roof is durable enough to handle the extra load of solar arrays and shingles.

It is often necessary to make penetrations in the roof for mounting the solar panel, which might affect the structural integrity of your roof. Ensure that your roof can withstand this. Hire a Commercial Solar Panel Service for proper installation of the system and for getting maximum performance.

Inaccurate Installation

It would help if you always look for professional and certified solar panel contractors for proper installation. They have the required training and experience for efficient solar panel installation. Moreover, they are well aware of any potential challenges that can arise during the installation and possible solutions to tackle them. Also, experienced service providers know how to install solar panels in various homes. It is also important to ensure that your installation service provider has modern and updated Strategies for panel installation.

Moreover, choose a service provider that takes care of your property and ensures optimal installation with minimum damage. Proper training and knowledge in wire management are also very important. It would help if you also stay in contact with Solar Panel Maintenance Services Provider to ensure the long life of your panels. Look for a service provider that follows the below-mentioned things:

👉Minimizes direct contact with sunlight, avoiding wear to conductors and insulation.

👉Avoiding sharp corners and preventing excessive bending.

👉Clear labeling and bundling of the wires must be performed. This is important so that you can easily identify the wires in the future for maintenance.

👉Use fasteners and proper components for securing the wires to prevent injuries and accidents.

👉Orient the panels towards the West or South to maximize contact with the sunlight. Installing a cool membrane for optimum performance of the solar panels.

Interrupting Roof Water Flow

A common mistake that solar panel contractors often make is interrupting the roof water flow. This results in disruption of the water flow by the wiring and rack and causes drainage problems. Always remember that repairing a roof with solar panels is much more difficult than repairing a clear top. Make sure to keep these instructions in mind to avoid any future maintenance issues.

A disturbed water flow can pool instead of getting drained down properly, ultimately causing leakage issues.

You might suffer drain clogging by escaping the ballast material.

Avoiding Regular Maintenance

People often need to remember their solar panels once they are installed. But this is a bad practice. Properly servicing and maintaining your solar panels are very important for improving your life. Moreover, it ensures they preserve the panels’ performance and avoids delayed repairs and excessive damage. Regular maintenance helps you with getting timely repairs and maximizing panel durability. Choose the best Commercial Solar Panel Contractors for the maintenance and servicing of your solar panels.


This was all about people’s most common mistakes when installing a solar panel. Remember to read these mistakes carefully and avoid them when installing solar panels at your place next time. Proper installation of solar panels is necessary for their good performance and efficiency. Contact NRG Update to install your solar panels efficiently for their maximum performance. We have a team of expert and skilled technicians who are well aware of the installation process. We are the most trusted solar panel installation company you can look for. We ensure proper installation so that you don’t have to hire other service providers again and again.

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