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Whether you want to reduce energy usage, improve the comfort and health of your home or just want to “go green,” There are various ways in which you can join the green revolution. Energy Upgrade includes them all, first you can simply purchase the products, or you can apply for one the financing programs approved by the state of California. NRG Upgrade goal is to fully understand your needs and requirements in order to match you the most suitable option.

Most Popular Financial Programs For Home Improvement

3 month interest
no payment

$0 down payment

The first payment is deferred 3 months. Interest accrues from day 1 and is NOT waived at any point even if the amount financed is paid in full in 3 months. Available on most Revolving and Closed-End APR options.

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6-24 month same as

$0 down payment

Interest accrues from day 1 but is waived if the amount financed is paid in full before the promotion end date (6 or 12 months). Minimum monthly payments are required from day one. Available on most Revolving and Closed-End APR options

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15-30 years

As low as 1.99%

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PACE program is a “0” down financing program for home upgrades

The program adds value to your property. Pace program is administered by the state with the support of the utilities to achieve energy efficiency building awareness

What type of home upgrades are qualified

PACE qualify hundred of home upgrades that save energy and add value to the property like Roofing, Heating & Cooling (HVAC), Solar Panels, Windows & Doors, Insulation, Exterior Paint and many more.

What type of home upgrades are qualified?

Pace financing
– 15-30 years
– As low as 1.99%

Most Popular Financial Programs For Solar Energy

Option 1

- $0 down payment

- 15 years

- 0.99%

Option 2

- $0 down payment

- 20 years

- 0.99%

Option 3

- $0 down payment

- 25 years

- 1.99%


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Solar Financing Program

Solar Financing : Choosing The Right Option

The simplest way to get capital to go solar is through a loan, which can save you anywhere from 40% to 70% over the lifetime of your solar panels. These loans are similar to most home improvement loans used to complete upgrades or renovations, such as finishing a basement or re-doing your kitchen.Most popular financial option

– 5-25 year
– As low as 0.99%

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    No we do not, NRG Upgrade has multiple financing partners you can choose from in order to taylor the loan to your needs… Read More

    Do you work with one bank?

    How simple is the home improvement financing process?

    Very simple! It simply requires, filling out a form and speaking with our financing specialist to determine which plan… Read more

    Do you have any financing promotional programs available at this time?

    NRG Upgrades always has competitive promotions for financing, however they vary month to month… Read more

    Do I receive the money/funds?

    As the loans are for the construction work only in most cases they are funded directly to NRG Upgrade… Read more

    Usually, we can have a decision within minutes!… Read more

    How long does the approval process take?

    Do I have to complete the financing process by myself?

    No, you do not. Here at NRG Upgrade, we have in-house financing specialists available who will assist you with… Read more

    What is my credit score is not great?

    No worries. NRG Upgrades offers a variety of different programs in which we might be able to find a solution… Read more

    What types of loans do you offer?

    We offer secures, unsecured and well as PACE financing programs… Read more