Comparison Of Grid Tied & Off Grid Solar

Comparison Of Grid Tied & Off Grid Solar

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Straight Grid Tied Solar Compared With Battery Storage

Going off the grid could save you a lot of money in the long-run. It is a much detailed endeavor and it takes a lot of planning in order to do it successfully.  You will need a good solar panel installation company like NRG Upgrade. Not everyone that installs a solar panel wants to go off the grid completely. Solar energy could be used to supplement your energy needs in the home thereby significantly reducing the bills. When deciding to go for a solar panel, there is the grid tied and the battery storage with each having their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Solar Power Installation Available

What Is Grid Tied Solar?

The meaning can be inferred directly. With grid tied installation, it means you’re still connected to the local power grid. This is to ensure that you can always fall back on your electricity supplier if the solar system in place is not enough to supply the energy required for the home. You still get electric bills but the amount is going to be insignificant since you will be relying on the solar power most of the time. There are online cost estimators on how much you can save should you decide to install a solar panel.

What Is Off Grid Solar?

When you’re off-grid, it means you’re not connected to the local electricity supply. You’re self-sufficient and you won’t be receiving any electricity bills since you’re not connected to the power grid. This is achieved by having a battery storage that gets charged when there is sunlight. The power that is stored is then used at night. This can be challenging especially if you consume more power than what is being generated. You need enough batteries to handle all the energy needs in the home.

Combining Grid-Tied and battery storage

Going off-grid sounds like a fascinating idea but it takes a whole lot more to pull it through. There should be a smooth transition and the best way to do it is to combine grid-tied and battery storage. You will not have to worry about heating in case the batteries run out of power. You can then analyze your consumption as a household and only go off-the grid when you’re completely sure you have the capacity to handle the energy needs. You will be able to adjust whenever necessary to meet the challenge at hand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of being grid-tied

The biggest disadvantage has to be the electricity bill which can be stressful during winter. An advantage is you have power you can rely on and you don’t have to worry about consumption or how much you have left till you shift to a generator.

Advantages and Disadvantages of battery storage

You will never have to worry about electricity bills when you go off the grid. You just have to make sure you have enough power to last the family at any given time. The disadvantage has to be the cost of installation which can be very expensive.

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