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    Solar Energy

    Utilize The Power Of The Sun With Solar Energy !

    There are many varying benefits to going solar with NRG Upgrade. You take control of your electrical bill by producing your own electricity. It can add value to your home, cut back your electrical needs from the utility companies, and actively reduce your carbon footprint in the world by using a green, clean resource. With the added bonus of being promoted with incentives, the state of California is making a great push for solar energy, and having a little to no maintenance with the equipment, there is no better time to go solar than now. Give NRG Upgrade a call to schedule your consultation today and see how you and your family can benefit!

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    What We Offer

    Home Energy Solution That Works For You.

    Our Commitments

    Within Budget

    Deliver the project within
    the allocated budget

    Quality First

    Always strive to provide
    high quality at every step
    of your project

    Timely Manner

    Ensure in-time
    services delivery

    Committed Team

    Committed team in every
    aspect of your project

    Signs You Should Have Solar

    High utility

    Your area gets enough sunlight

    Roof gets enough sunlight

    Eco - Friendly

    Roof in the right condition

    What We Do

    What Are The Benefits?

    Home Energy Solution That Works For You


    Learn About Financing Programs

    When it comes to financing options, NRG Upgrade gives you the opportunity to upgrade your home without the heavy burden of high upfront costs. We work with several Financing programs , to help our clients find the suitable option for them.

    We guide our clients throughout the process, first by reviewing all available options, then by selecting the most suitable one.

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      What Our Clients Say

      They Trust Us

      Liam Ince
      Liam Ince
      I've been pleased with this solar company. Had solar installed 1 years ago. The process was seamless, very little effort on my part. Based on my research, they had the best price per kWh and surprisingly they have good follow up. I haven't needed to call them about anything but they do reach out to customers to ensure no issues which is nice. I'd recommend them.
      Brian May
      Brian May
      Excellent company. Nicholas did a great job. Solid communication and smooth install experience. It has been a year and I am very happy with how much money I am saving. Solar is the way to go. It's a no-brainer.
      Sam Welch
      Sam Welch
      After consIderable research, and multiple recommendations, we selected NRG Upgrade for our home. We highly recommend them!
      Brian Davidson
      Brian Davidson
      This company is the real deal. When I first looked on their website I was impressed with how well put together the information is. I decided to call in a get a quote for solar panels. The saleswoman, David was extremely knowledgeable and transparent with me regarding pricing and the whole solar process. The process was perfect and this company does the best they can to keep their customers happy.
      Stephen Roberts
      Stephen Roberts
      So far I am very happy with my installation. The price beat all the other quotes that we've gotten in the area and the quality is unmatched! My point of contact was Asaf and he was amazing! He walked us through the entire process and had solutions for any concern that we brought up. He made it a very smooth transaction overall! I'll definitely be referring friends and family to NRG Upgrade!
      Rylen Strong
      Rylen Strong
      Me and my wife are just so impressed with David and his crew at NRG Upgrade! Our new solar system for our home was installed by the nicest guys. David was just great, he took time to explain the whole process to us. We highly recommend NRG Upgrade!!
      Zara Robertson
      Zara Robertson
      The whole process was smooth, Nicholas the project manager was honest and clear with the information. The price was fair and I enjoy the new solar panels. I have two other friends who contacted them already . Highly recommended for solar installations
      Debby Lee
      Debby Lee
      I requested a quote on Yelp. Levi showed up on time with a briefcase, and wearing a mask. He climbed up on a ladder and checked out both the roof and attic. The consultation went thoroughly. He explained the materials, working process, and answered any question we had. The quote was reasonable. My city had a delay in processing permit due to COVID-19. Levi and Myra are patient and kept us posted. Once we got the permit, NRG upgrade started the project immediately. All crews work in a timely manner as they promised. We noticed one rafter didn't touch the fascia board. Levi worked his best to remedy it. We had all rotted wood, facia boards, and a rafter replaced with no extra charge. Although there are some minor issues about cleaning and damaged items, overall we are very pleased with the new roof. Levi is professional, reliable, and up front. I would definitely recommend working with him.
      Healy Snow
      Healy Snow
      NRG pulled off what seemed to be impossible. I was so impressed with the determination these guys had. The completed job on time speaks for itself. From the sales team to the inspection these guys were on time and on budget. Skylight’s are not easy business but NRG made it painless. The friendly staff was always there to help with questions during the job. Estimate was spot on. They were safe and respected our home. I don’t look forward to any roofing stuff but when it does happen I call NRG. Good luck !
      Jerry T
      Jerry T
      My dad made me go on yelp and search for a good solar company for our new house we recently moved to, I gave him a few names and he called them up asking for quotes and such. Then, as he chose NRG( for many good reasons that I actually saw myself in person) they came out to do the work, I was so glad he chose them. They were respectful of all our things in and around our house, they talked us through the process before they started and they were super nice too. My dad is satisfied and so am I, especially that its a big job but cost efficient in the future for us!

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      Frequently Asked Question

      We Are Here To Help

      The length of the process will depend on a few variables. How big the project is, how long it takes to get the permits, if there is an HOA,… Read more

      Will I need to upgrade my electrical panel?

      How long is the process from start to end?

      The length of the process will depend on a few variables. How big the project is, how long it takes to get the permits, if there is an HOA, and how… Read more

      Will a system produce enough energy to cover all of my electricity needs?

      While having a solar system that offsets all of your electrical needs would be nice, the system does not need to provide all of the electricity you need to be of… Read more

      What maintenance does the system require?

      Solar systems are made to be durable, with little to no maintenance required. Rain will keep the panels clean, or NRG Update can provide a… Read more

      Because there are no moving parts in the solar panels, they can last anywhere to 20-30 years. Inverters may need replacing every 10-15 years… Read more

      How long will my solar power system last?

      How long is the solar installation warranty?

      NRG Update offers a 25 year warranty on our solar panels, providing the best equipment in the solar industry. To top it off, our systems… Read more

      What are my options for financing the system if I don't have the cash?

      We’ve partnered with the best financing providers in the nation that allow homeowners to go solar with no upfront costs! If ownership of the… Read more

      Will solar increase the value of my home?

      Studies show that buying a solar system will increase the value of your home. Home ownership comes with a raising cost of living and homes that… Read more

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