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Never Run Out Of Power

In a nutshell, home battery storage, or a solar battery, allows you to store electricity for use at a later time. Storage batteries provide a reliable source of power for your house. Installing the device will ensure you never find yourself powerless. The battery stores energy day and night and is used to self-power your home. Request Your Free Consultation

What We Offer

Signs Home Energy Storage Are Right For You

Within Budget

Deliver the project within
the allocated budget

Quality First

Always strive to provide
high quality at every step
of your project

Timely Manner

Ensure in-time
services delivery

Committed Team

Committed team in every
aspect of your project.

Signs Home Energy Storage Are Right for you

High utility

Got solar
panels on
the roof

Experience extended
power outages

High energy


What We Do

What Are the Benefits?

Stored energy = Blackout support

Boost Your Energy Bill Savings

Get Blackout Protection

Increase Your Energy Independence

Integration With Solar Capabilities

Boost Your Environmental Impact

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    • 5 star review  I am very much impressed with this company. I am so glad I went with them and there is many reasons why I did. After researching several solar companies, NRG... read more

      thumb Celine Utkucan

      5 star review  So far I am very happy with my installation. The price beat all the other quotes that we've gotten in the area and the quality is unmatched! My point of... read more

      thumb Stephen Roberts

      5 star review  NRG pulled off what seemed to be impossible. I was so impressed with the determination these guys had. The completed job on time speaks for itself. From the sales... read more

      thumb Healy Snow

      5 star review  I've been pleased with this solar company. Had solar installed 1 years ago. The process was seamless, very little effort on my part. Based on my research, they had the... read more

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    • 5 star review  Me and my wife are just so impressed with David and his crew at NRG Upgrade! Our new solar system for our home was installed by the nicest guys. David... read more

      thumb Rylen Strong

      5 star review  Excellent company. Nicholas did a great job. Solid communication and smooth install experience. It has been a year and I am very happy with how much money I am saving.... read more

      thumb Brian May

      5 star review  Daisy was not pushy when she met with me and my husband. She made sure to ask lots of questions to make sure we got a quote for exactly what... read more

      thumb Penny Torres

      2 star review  Just sharing my experience with the company. Ended up cancelling the contract so I can't speak for the quality of end product. The reason for the cancellation is that the... read more

      thumb Erik Wu
    • 5 star review  The whole process was smooth, Nicholas the project manager was honest and clear with the information. The price was fair and I enjoy the new solar panels. I have two other... read more

      thumb Zara Robertson

      5 star review  I requested a quote on Yelp. Levi showed up on time with a briefcase, and wearing a mask. He climbed up on a ladder and checked out both the roof... read more

      thumb Debby Lee

      5 star review  This company is the real deal. When I first looked on their website I was impressed with how well put together the information is. I decided to call in a... read more

      thumb Brian Davidson

    NRG Upgrade Certified LG CHEM Certified Installer

    Stored Energy = Blackout Support

    What Are The Benefits?

    Learn About Financing Programs

    When it comes to financing options, NRG Upgrade gives you the opportunity to upgrade your home without the heavy burden of high upfront costs. We work with several Financing programs , to help our clients find the suitable option for them.

    We guide our clients throughout the process, first by reviewing all available options, then by selecting the most suitable one.

    Let’s check if you are qualify.

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    The storage battery is a large battery that stores energy for later use. Unlike a generator It has to connect to a source of energy in order to store… Read more

    What is a storage battery?

    How does it work?

    The battery stores the electricity from its source and provides your home with power whenever you need, it is most beneficial during blackouts but… Read more

    Why do I need one?

    If you live in California chances are you have been affected by the wildfires, blackouts are a common tactic to reduce the damage during the fire,… Read more

    Does it have to be connected to a solar system?

    In general, batteries can be connected to any source of power, grid, or solar panels. Since one of the benefits of installing a backup battery is to… Read more

    How does the installation work?

    Backup battery installation takes about 1 day and includes connecting the battery to its electricity source such as solar panels using a suitable inverter … Read more

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