Choosing a Solar Company

By admin On May 8, 2021
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By now, most people know they can save thousands of dollars on their electricity bill by switching to solar power. However, the purchase and installation of these panels can get rather costly. That’s why it’s really important to make sure that you select a reputable and trustworthy solar company, who not only provides a quality product and service, but also a great value. Don’t just choose any old solar provider out of a hat. Instead, use this handy guide to help you choose the solar company that’s right for you!

Step 1: Locate a Solar Provider Who Operates in Your Area

Before anything else, you will want to survey the solar energy landscape in your area to see who is available. Not all solar providers operate in every location. An easy way to guarantee this is to simply locate a company that is headquartered in your locale. For example, NRG Upgrade – solar panels contractor – is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates in LA and the surrounding areas.

Step 2: Determine If A Local Or National Provider Is Best For You

When looking at the solar power companies available to you, you will likely notice that some companies operate only within one local area, while other companies provide their services nationwide. Many solar customers find that it’s best to go with a local company, because these companies typically provide more specialized service.

For example, NRG Upgrade, solar energy contractor Los Angeles, knows exactly what residents of California need when it comes to solar energy and is up to date with all state and local provisions and regulations. Additionally, choosing a local company ensures that you will receive more prompt and efficient service, versus a national company who likely has its resources scattered all over the country.

Step 3: Confirm the Company’s Credentials

Once you have an idea of which company you want to do business with, the next step to verify the company’s credentials. In doing so, you will want to find out how long the company has been in operation, and check to see if they have a current state licenses for electricity installation for your area. These certifications will ensure that the company you choose meets a set of high industry standards. Usually this type of information is located on a company’s website. Here at NRG Upgrade, we have serviced over 1,100 clients and are verifiably certified by the State of California.

Step 4: See What Other Customers Have to Say

In the modern era, it’s very unwise to make a purchase without first looking for consumer reviews. This is especially important when making a major purchase like solar panels. Websites such as Yelp are a great way to check out a company’s star rating and see what customers have to say. While no company is perfect and there will likely always be a few customers who have some kind of complaint, ideally, you will want to look for a company that has been rated between 4 and 5 stars and shows minimal consumer complaints. Searching for the company’s profile with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another great way to help verify a solar company’s customer service skills. In alignment with this, NRG Upgrade has a score of 4.5 stars on Yelp. Former customers of our service have complimented our professionalism, speed, and accuracy. In comparison of other companies, customers have also said that NRG Upgrade was by far the most accommodating. NRG Upgrade also proudly boasts an A+ rating with the BBB!

Step 5: Analyze Potential Costs and Financing Options

Installing solar panels costs thousands of dollars. Luckily, many solar panel contractors offer financing options and payment agreements that make the transition much more affordable for the average person. At NRG, we like to work around our client’s financial needs and match them with the most suitable financing option. That’s why we offer 0% down financing!

Step 6: See If They Offer A Free Quote

Lastly, once you have performed all of the steps above, you will want to call and make an appointment to set up a free quote. This will help you determine the overall cost of your project. The free quote appointment is the perfect time to asses the professionalism of the company you have chosen and ask any specific questions you may have about their services and products. Some questions you will want to ask are how the company deals with permits, how many panels you will need, information about warranties the company offers, and what their installation and maintenance process is like. If you are looking for a solar panels contractor Los Angeles, you will be delighted to know that we offer free quotes here at NRG! Get a free quote from us by clicking here!

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