Storage batteries provide a reliable source of power for your house. Installing the device will ensure you never find yourself powerless. The battery stores energy day and night and is used to self-power your home.

If you transformed your house to rely on solar energy the battery will integrate with the existing system to provide with a supply of energy at all times. From all the ways you can be energy efficient this is the core of it all.

Never Run Out Of Power

California’s wildfires are one of the most common reoccurring disasters in California. Causes include drought, extreme heat, and dry vegetation, the winds play a significant part in spreading them across the state. 2017 & 2018 marked the years for the deadliest fires ever recorded in the history of the state. How is this related? Well, electricity companies began to implement planned blackouts to help prevent wildfires from spreading. The more frequent the wildfires, the more electric companies are taking steps to mitigate the disaster. Although electric companies notify residents of a planned blackout, all power shuts off and is only restores once there no apparent danger, this could take days for some areas. Which means it is up to you to make sure you never run out of power.

The Ultimate Return On Your Investment

Earning Credit

When you have a solar system installed, a storage battery gathers the energy from your panels and store it for you to use when needed. Also in some cases, if you store more than you need you will sell back that energy to the electric company during peak hours, earning you credit with the utility provider. So not only are you guaranteed to never run out of power, but you also have the option to sell back your energy to the electric company and earn credit along the way. 

California Rebate Programs

Also known as the SGIP – self-generation incentive program which supports a verity of technologies installed to homes and businesses, including energy storage, fuel cells, and heat generators. This program was not very beneficial to homeowners until recently, the reason for this is the way the program was constructed all the funds became available at once giving large projects a priority for the rebate, leaving homeowners out of the game.

Luckily for homeowners, the SGIP had done some significant changes to encourage homeowners to install storage batteries. Some of the changes include significant incentives for installing the battery. If you live in California you most likely belong to one of the following utility companies PG&E, SCE, SCG, OF SDG&E, these companies offer an incentive of as high as $400 per kilowatt-hour when you install a storage battery. That’s enough to cover the majority of the battery costs. The incentive program also takes into account the size of the battery and of course, the source of energy, i.e. the battery has to be connected to a solar system to qualify for the rebate. Since these changes are relatively new, the incentives will change the more batteries are installed so it pays off to be an early adopter of this technology.

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LG Chem

One of the most proven and reliable technologies in the world makes this brand the most popular choice for homeowners looking to install a backup battery. The LG Chem lithium-ion is used by big players such as Volvo and Apple to power cell phones, electric vehicles and more. It is safe for indoor or outdoor installations, it’s efficient and easy installation along with its safety and versatility make it the best choice for rooftop solar systems,


Independent way of living

A guarantee you will never run out of power

ROI and Incentive programs make it cost-effective

Peak Demand Reduction saving you money during expensive peak hours

Integration with solar capabilities.

Solar energy always stored

A reliable and sustainable source of energy

A quiet and efficient solution as opposed to generators.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions


The storage battery is a large battery that stores energy for later use. Unlike a generator It has to connect to a source of energy in order to store it, it is much quieter and more aesthetically and better looking than a generator.

The battery stores the electricity from its source and provides your home with power whenever you need, it is most beneficial during blackouts but it can also provide you with electricity during peak hours to avoid the higher charges deployed by electric companies during peak hours.

If you live in California chances are you have been affected by the wildfires, blackouts are a common tactic to reduce the damage during the fire, these blackouts can last a few hours or even days. Having a backup battery installed guarantees you never run out of power. Plus you qualify for incentive programs making this purchase a cost-effective one.

In general, batteries can be connected to any source of power, grid, or solar panels. Since one of the benefits of installing a backup battery is to help reduce electricity costs, and to qualify for the incentives and rebate programs in California, the battery has to be connected to a solar system for you to be able to take advantage of all the benefits provided.

Backup battery installation takes about 1 day and includes connecting the battery to its electricity source such as solar panels using a suitable inverter that converts the electricity from the panels into the backup battery. Batteries can be installed indoors or outdoors such as rooftops to be close to the source of power.

Never Run Out Of Power