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By webadmin On December 15, 2022
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If you have just installed the entire solar panel along with its battery and other wiring and you are facing the problem that the solar panel is not charging your battery appropriately. Well, this issue is one that everyone can encounter in their daily life. So in this article, we will be discussing what could be the major possibilities that the solar panel is not charging properly. Also, we will give you the best solutions so that you can easily get it into work. So without any further delay, let’s jump right into it. You can take these steps to fix solar panel issues yourself. Or hire a Solar Panel Installation Company for this task. Let NRG Upgrade help you with your solar panel problems.

Reasons Why the Solar Panel is not Charging

There could be many reasons why the solar panel is not charging and why it is not working properly. So, below are some cases that we are going to discuss in the upcoming sections of this article. Or talk to a Solar Panel Installation Company for your needs.

Faulty Solar Panels

The major reason why the solar panel is not working is that it is broken or there is any kind of damage to the solar panel. And that is the reason the panel is not providing the required amount of voltage to the battery.

Cracked Panel

If the panel is cracked, it will not charge the battery, and ultimately it is of no use. Panel cracks can be seen with the naked eye. Sometimes cracks are minor, and they cause my medic mechanical failure. And they also reduce the power supply. However, some cracks are so big that you need to change the entire solar panel. Hire a Commercial Solar Panel Service provider for this task.

Low-Quality Panel

Also, if the solar panel is of very cheap quality, then there are chances that it will not work properly. Also if it is extremely old and is also not a suitable model for the type of battery you are using. So these are also two reasons that the solar panel is not charging.

Panel With a Broken Diode

By any chance, if the diode of the panel is broken, it will not charge the battery, however, it will reverse the current flow, and all the battery supply of power will be drained automatically. Be careful when you are dealing with this problem because it will ultimately damage your battery as well. For longer battery life hire Solar Panel Maintenance Services.

Broken Equipment and Battery

These are also the major reasons why the solar panel is not charging most efficiently. The broken equipment case is only very few times in this case. The main culprit here is the inverter of this setup or the charge controllers. Make sure you check both of them when your solar panel is not charging. You can also check other relevant equipment in the entire charging system so that you will know which equipment is functioning well.

A faulty battery is another case that will make your solar panel incompetent for charging the battery. You can identify whether the battery is functioning well or not by seeing the leakage or any kind of discoloration. Also, consider this aspect if you haven’t charged your battery for a pretty long time, then it can also be a reason that the battery is not being directly charged by the solar panel. Hire Solar Panel Contractors to fix the issues for you.


Here comes the most important section of this article, where we will be discovering the solutions for this very problem of your solar panel.

  • 👉Make sure that if your solar panel is giving zero power, you need to check the wiring of the setup.
  • 👉Check negative and positive poles if they are reversed.
  • 👉Any shadow must not cover the panel.
  • 👉The open circuit voltage provides the unnecessary and required current of the controller.
  • 👉Also, look at whether the solar panel is not overpowered.


Now that you have already checked that there is no problem with the solar panel, it’s time to check whether the battery is faulty. Check that the battery is not dead, and you can analyze it by checking the voltage. Also, if it is very old, then it won’t be able to function properly.

In the case of old batteries, they become incompetent to charge by the solar panel. In this regard, we advise you to get a new battery for your setup. Last but not least, there are also chances that the equipment used in the charging system is broken.

Check whether the controllers are charging well or not. If they are not working well, we recommend you buy new ones. However, you can also get them repaired by professional Commercial Solar Panel Contractors.


Hence, you are familiar with the major problems or reasons why the solar panel is not charging. Check all the major reasons, and after identifying the culprit, you can use the above-mentioned solutions that go well for certain situations for your charging system. Follow these tips yourself at home or let a Solar Panel Installation Company do the work for you. NRG Upgrade is a well-known service provider to fix your solar panel issues for you.

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