At NRG Upgrade, we have a commitment to deliver what we promise. Your new solar power system was designed to exceed your expectations and we guarantee that it will. We believe in transparency. Other solar installers give their customers “soft” figures that tell them what their PV system could generate only under highly specific conditions. This isn’t the case with our PV installations. We stand by our products and workmanship, which is why we offer you a complete 25-year performance guarantee on your system. 

NRG Upgrade offers ideal warranties for each project. We take pride in knowing we provide the best service from start to finish, which includes the best materials on the market, whether it is A-grade shingles, best brands for coating, or top-notch panels and inverters, we make sure to work only with brands we trust, they say you are as strong as your weakest link, which is why we make sure to use the only high-quality materials from the little nails up until the large panels.

Warranties mentioned below include both material and workmanship:

25-50 years warranty for shingle roof

10-years warranty for flat roof

25-years warranty for tile roof

25-years warranty for solar installation

25-Year Performance Guarantee

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NRG Upgrade firmly believes in being precise about how much clean energy your system will be able to generate. This is why we use the best available tools when designing your system, as well as when we analyze and monitor the energy potential of your home. 

Our performance guarantee is very simple to understand. If your system over-performs and delivers more power than planned, you get to keep all the savings. On the other hand, should your system fail to live up to our production estimates, we’ll fix the problem at once and provide you with compensation. Our team of experts will conduct real-time monitoring, giving you peace of mind when you choose to install a solar energy system. 

Warranty Transfers

Most other solar companies only provide a warranty to the original system purchaser. This means that if you decide to sell your home, the new owner won't be able to benefit from any warranty that came with your system.

Warranty Transfers

At NRG Upgrade, we do things differently. When you have our solar system installed on your home, the warranty is transferable to the new owner should you sell your property in the future. This allows the new homeowners to get the benefits and savings of clean energy, together with our solid warranties.
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Panel and Inverter Warranty

Our panels and inverters all come with warranties of up to 25 years.

Panel and Inverter Warranty

When building your solar power system, we exclusively use the most efficient panels and inverters brought to you by the best manufacturers in the industry. The equipment has been thoroughly tested to perform to the highest standards. Our panels and inverters all come with warranties of up to 25 years.
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Full Workmanship Warranty

Our company stands by the quality of its work. We offer a full workmanship warranty that guarantees your PV installation won't have any defects caused by materials, components and labor for a full 25 years.

Roof Warranty

We now offer a complete 25-year roof warranty as well.

Rapid Installation and Energy Backup Solutions

We want to make your home more energy efficient as quickly as we can. By working with us, you can benefit from the savings that come with solar power faster than you would have ever thought possible. In most cases, your system will be fully installed in 6 to 8 weeks after you sign the contract. 

We also offer more than just solar system installation. Our company provides home battery backup solutions that protect you from emergencies, such as the power grid going down. Our team has certified installers for some of the leading backup power solutions in the industry, giving you complete peace of mind.

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