Cool Paint

Cool Paint

Cool paint is a type of paint that is highly reflective and absorbs natural sunlight in a more efficient way than regular paint. This happens due to chemicals contained in the paint that transform the pigments of paint into IR, which are highly reflective and cooling.

Cool paint is used over an existing layer to provide an additional insulation and help maximize natural energy benefits created by sunlight due to its highly reflective qualities.

Cool paint uses a patented technology that was developed specifically for reflecting the sun’s natural heat waves, the invisible infrared rays, which gives us warmth and heat. All objects have a natural way of retaining that heat or reflecting the infrared. Some objects are naturally better at retaining heat than others. Cool paint technology has been used in our roof, wall, & deck coating technology for more than 10 years. Our vast experience with this technology has helped us to achieve the greatest results possible to keep your home cooler. Also adding another layer to your roof or walls help protect the surface resulting in longer-lasting roofs, walls, etc. 

The paint used is solvent-free and weather-resistant.

Heat reflective wall coatings create energy savings by reflecting the sun’s infrared rays. This technology can keep homes or buildings cooler during the hot summer months. The amount of heat that enters the home or building through the walls is thereby reduced, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the building and decreasing the load on the air conditioner. 

Research Conclusions

Studies performed on homes in high heat areas, including Texas, Florida, and Los Angeles found that homeowners can reduce electricity usage by 10%-30% just by applying a heat-reflective coating to their roof, especially during peak load times. 

Cool roof coatings are applied to existing rooftops as an additional layer of paint. The light-colored, reflective materials in the coating make them less heat absorbent. 

SRI (Solar reflectance index) value measures the cooling effect. Cool paint has an SRI Value of 89 which means that a roof coated with cool paint reflects 72% of the sun rays and returns 87% of the heat to the environment instead of the surface below. 


Reducing energy costs due to sunlight reflection

New and cool look

Minimum effort for maximum results

Brights up spaces

Add Some Colors To Your Life