Thomas’s Commercial Roof Replacement

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Thomas reached out to us through Yelp, he needed a roof replacement for his commercial property located in North Hollywood. During the inspection, Thomas mentioned he wanted to install a new garage door and add drywall to enclose part of the space. this would include both exterior and interior work. Based on his request our contractor David prepared the proposal which would include the full scope of work. Thomas was seeking to get several quotes and mentioned he would get to us. About a month after the initial meeting, Thomas was ready to proceed with the work and favored us over the other companies he met with. After clearly reviewing the details and elaborating on all the steps involved, we were able to set a starting date for the following week.

Our crew began working on this project by finalizing all the interior work which included drywall addition, garage door replacement, and mold remediation. After which we were scheduled to begin with the roof replacement. Thomas is sharing this property with another tenant, they both go into an argument and we were forced to stop this project in the middle. Due to their agreement we needed the consent of both tenants to proceed with the work, our roofer met personally with the other tenant to explain the situation of the roof but the situation between the two escalated and we were forced to pause this project. We assured Thomas not to worry we have all the materials and crew for this project in place and we can simply continue after this matter is resolved. We made sure to follow-up regularly with Thomas to see where the situation stands, he apologized for the delay but we assured there is nothing to be concerned about we are here when he’s ready.

Surely enough about 2 months later they resolved the issue between the two and we were asked to come and proceed with the roof replacement. We scheduled the replacement two weeks later due to the rain. Our crew began by tearing off the old roofing material, installing asphalt rolls, adding another silicon layer of protection and last applied torch down cool roof title 24 to confirm with the energy standard and qualify for state rebates due to the energy-efficient materials used.

This was an unusual project for NRG Upgrade but we understand the complexity of property ownership and partnerships which is why we made sure Thomas felt we are there to accommodate his needs and we can wait patiently if needed or finish things in a timely manner if that works best. We work with our clients to make sure we generate the desired outcome and leave them with an upgraded version of their property.

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