Suzan’s Roof and Solar Project in West Hills

Project Description

Suzan reached us through Yelp, as she was looking to do a full roof replacement and install a solar system. Many of her neighbours had already had their solar panels installed, and Suzan was eager to go solar but she knew her roof’s lifespan was about to be over and once the winter ended Suzan was ready to replace her rood and install solar panels.

She reached out to several service companies, she received quotes for a full roof replacement from roofers, and other quotes for a solar installation. She only found 2 companies that are experts in both trades, one of them was us, NRG Upgrade. When she called, the appointment was scheduled for two days later. She met with our representative who examined her roof, upon checking the condition of the roof he confirmed that the roof is not in a good shape and if she truly wants to install solar panels a roof replacement would be the logical thing to do. Then he created a solar estimate for her on the spot, based on her electricity usage, roof size and house direction, using Solargraf, a software based technology for solar projects. Then he greeted her and left with her with the estimates. She mentioned she wants to discuss these proposals with family. The following week we called to follow-up and she told us she is still thinking about it. Two days later she called our offices and mentioned she choosing to move forward with us. Our rep signed her and the project was set to begin the following week.

Our crew began by removing the old roofing material, the existing underlayment, flashings and vents, to haul away. Next they installed the wood planks to bring the decking up to code and proceeded with the underlayment sheeting. They installed the water barrier in all valley rafters and painted the vents to match the roof. Next they installed premium Cool Roof shingles and Suzan finally had a new roof over her head.

Next we installed the solar panels. We began by mounting the racks to the new roof and prepare all the wirings for the solar installation. The following day solar panels were installed, and the inverter and optimisers were connected. Solar system was officially installed, last we had to wait for a final PTO from the electricity company which was granted within a week.



Address: West Hills Los Angeles California

Service: Roof Replacement and Solar Installation

Materials: Owen’s Corning, Solar Edge, Iron Ridge

Remarks: Suzan couldn’t believe how easy and quick the whole process went from start to finish especially the solar installation which was completed in just 3 days.

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