Sophia’s Solar Installation on Flat Tile in Glendale

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Sophia reached us through Next Door, she was interested in going solar for a while and noticed her friend recommended us on the local social media platform Next Door. After speaking to her friend who recommended us from her personal experiance, Sophia called one of our project managers directly, to set up a consultation meeting. After examining her electricity bills, the main panel and the condition of the roof, our expert generated a customized solar proposal for her, adding the panels she specifically requested. He addressed her concerns regarding her flat tile roof, which is known to be a more sensitive roofing material when it comes to solar installations, he showed her pictures of similar projects and explained how we address tile rood installation by using special racking and mounting to ensure the tiles remain in-tact. She was plesently surprised by how knowledgble our expert was with her specific concerns, this along with the warm recommendations from her friend made her feel secure in choosing our company to complete this project.


Once the agreement was signed, we issued the permits with the city and utility company to prepare the grounds for the installation. The installation was scheduled for the next few days. Our crew began by cleaning the surface to prepare for the racking installation  first. We used the Snap N Rack as they are the most suitable racking for tile roofs. Since Sophia’s roof is made of flat tiles, the racking was more easily placed. The next day the panels were installed. We installed the 330 LG panels following Sophia’s request. Last we installed the monitoring device whice allows her to clearly monitor the electricity production of her system. Within a few days PTO was granted and the project was complete.



Sophia told us she didn’t expect this whole process to go so quickly and smoothly. She thought the isntallaiton would take much longer, her concerns regarding installaing on a tile roof were refuted as the system looks beautiful and clearly placed. Her words not ours ;). More than all she is happy to join her neighourhoods efforts in reducing carbon footpring and encourging all home owners to go solar.


Address: Glendale,  Los Angeles California

Job Type: Solar system installation in flat tile roof.

Materials: LG Panels, Snap N Rack racking, Solar Edge Inverter, optmizers and monitor.

Remarks: Sophia’s installation went quickly and efficiently. PTO was granted days after installation was complete. Nothing makes us happier then meeting new clients through personal recommendations, these are things that make us proud and push us to keep providing a great and reliable service.


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