Solar System Installation in Orange County

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Itay and Michelle Went Solar in Orange County

Background: Itay and Michelle reached us through mutual friends. They were considering going solar for quite some time but with the recent changes in the tax rebates they felt it is time to go solar and enjoy the incentives before another change in the market occurs. They have a big house in Orange County with 5 kids, a cat and a dog totaling of 7 human tenants and 9 in total residing under one roof. This meant HUGE electricity bills, in certain months a year, such as July and August their utility bill was more than $500 a month. They were tired of paying such high costs for something they knew they could generate for free. They live in a very beautiful neighborhood in orange county that is very family oriented, many large houses around, and great schools in the area, something else very noticeable in their area is the amount of solar system installed, making their house a sort of exception in the neighborhood, so they felt very certain that it’s time to go solar, reduce their electricity costs and go green for the environment, which seemed to be a popular and essential approach in Orange County. We were eager to get started.


Because of their excessive electricity usage we chose larger panels that generate more electricity, even though the panels are a little more expensive they were necessary in order to produce sufficient amounts of electricity for the whole family. The size of system installed was over 11.2kW. Moreover we made sure their utility bill will be significantly reduced. As per their request we installed LG panels, using SolarEdge Inverters and Iron Ridge Optimizers. Michelle who was home during most of the work hours came out frequently with fresh drinks for the crew. She asked many questions, and our crew was eager to walk her through the process. Since Itay was away, the crew explained to Micelle everything she needs to know about how the system works and how to operate it, and when she asked to know more they were glad to explain the full process behind. While installing the solar system they decided to add 2 more panels in case they will do the pool they’ve been talking about, so we added the requested panels and completed the work in 3 days.


Michelle and Itay were very satisfied to be through with the work. They told us they never thought it will be so pleasant and easy to go solar, had they known, they would’ve done it sooner. They were very thankful for the work and referred us several clients. They now have a solar system producing over 11.2kW and their utility bill went down to $30 they couldn’t believe it. Now the whole family can enjoy using electricity without Itay freaking out every time an electric bill arrives.


Job type: Solar System Installation

Location: Orange County

Material: LG Panels

Other Materials: SolarEdge Inverter and Optimizers

Remarks: Itay and Michelle were a pleasure to work with. They requested last minute changes and we happily accommodate to their needs. By the amount of referred clients we received from them, they seemed very satisfied with us as well.

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