Solar Installation on a Tile Roof

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Ron came to us through a mutual friend for which we also completed a solar installation in the area. Ron was ready to go solar and wanted to start and basically finish as soon as possible, his only concern was his tile roof. He heard from his friends that it’s a tricky roof for a solar installation and wanted to make sure our solar installation will not cause any damage to the roof, we assured him that we are experienced in working with all roof types and have completed many solar installation on tile roofs. Plus our company policy protects our clients by providing them with a warranty for any possible damage. Ron was convinced and ready to schedule the installation.


Our crew was just completing a project in the area, and this allowed us to begin working on Ron’s roof immediately. Within 5 days of signing the contract the crew was already on Ron’s roof. It took them about 3 days to complete the solar installation. First day they installed the mounting and racks, we used Iron Ridge, as they are known to be the strongest and most dynamic racking available and suitable for tile roofs. The next day the crew installed all the wiring, optimizer and inverter, we used Solar Edge optimizer and inverters. The last day the crew placed the Panasonic panels. Ron was very particular regarding the Panasonic panels, since we work with a variety of brands we were happy to comply with his requests.


The installation in 3 days and Ron was thrilled, he asked us to take pictures of the solar panels to prove to his friends he finally went through with the solar installation. Since time was of an essence for Ron we made sure to complete all the stages necessary such as extracting a city permit, generating solar plans and making sure we have all the materials needed for the installation in stock. Within 9 days of the first meeting Ron met and signed with our project manager, the installation was complete. PTO was granted about 10 days later and Ron was officially solar.


Job Type: Solar Installation

Materials used: Panasonic panels, Iron Ridge racking, Solar Edge Inverter and Optimizer

Address: Santa Monica

Remarks: The whole process from start to finish went very quickly and smoothly. Ron signed with our project manger during their first meeting and our crew was available to start immediately which were contributing factors to the short timeline for the project completion.

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