Solar Installation in West Hollywood

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Solar installation in West Hollywood, using LG panels, Solar Edge Inverters and Iron Ridge Racking.

Phil and Jennifer found us on Google and called us directly. They have met with several companies beforehand and were looking to collect one more estimate. Since they like our reviews and the face that we are located in their neighborhood they chose to meet with us before they make their final decision. Meeting was scheduled for the next day in the afternoon and our solar expert was eager to provide them with a proposal on the spot.

Meeting lasted about 2 hours were Phil and Jenny got all the information they needed regarding their solar system. Since they were quite knowledgeable regarding the system size they needed and solar panel brand they wanted the were on point with our expert. They knew they wanted LG panels and so we made sure to present them with a proposal that included their chosen brand. They mentioned the large variety of prices they received and were surprised by the range offered by different companies.

Our expert spoke about our warranty and what clients have to say about us, after finalizing all the details they were ready to close and so the proposal was signed and they were immediately inserted into the upcoming schedule. Two weeks later, the installation began and two days later the solar installation was complete. Our crew was efficient and quick as Phil and Jenny mentioned. PTO was granted 10 days later and the system was up and running. We were happy to help another household go solar, save on utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Solar Installation in West Hollywood

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