Solar Installation in Hidden Hills using Panasonic Panels

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Gina and Ro reached us through Next Door. They considered going solar for while and noticed that many of their neighbors had solar panels installed recently. They were ready to join the neighborhood trend of going solar and reducing their carbon foot print. As they relied on their neighbors for recommendations, they turned to Next Door, which is a community oriented social media platform based on location, where neighbors share suggestions, concerns and inquiries about the local community. What they likes about NRG Upgrade was the online presence we have and the positive reviews evident on Next Door and Yelp. Since Gina and Ro wanted someone from the area they met with 2 other companies that they also found on Next Door. They chose to work with us mainly due to our honest and sincere approach, the project manager they met with was very knowledgeable and answered all the questions they needed to feel secure with the decision to move forward with the solar installation. We calculated their annual usage and concluded the right system size to install. The work was scheduled to start within a week.


In the meantime we extracted the solar plans, city permit and utility company’s permit to get started. Since Gina and Ro had many friends who recently installed solar panels, they decided that Panasonic was their brand of choice and we complied. They have a flat roof which makes it a bit easier for our crew to do the installation but there are specific spacing requirements that are important to follow so we made sure the panel placement is up to code. By following the plans we began by attaching the racking to the roof and preparing all the wiring for the panels. This concluded half a day of labor. Next day our crew installed the panels finished all the wirings and adjusted the inverter by the end of the day the installation was finalized and our crew was finished.


Gina and Ro were very surprised at how quickly and easily this whole process was. They were happy to finally go solar and enjoying a significant reduction of utility cost to almost none. For the PTO they were required to sign a few documents and once the city approved, PTO was granted and the solar system was officially up and running which is the case today.


Address: Hidden Hills Los Angeles CA

Job type: Solar Installation

Materials: Panasonic panels, Solar Edge Inverter and Optimizers

Remarks: Gina and Ro were very kind to refer us to their friends which for us is the ultimate indicator of success.

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