Solar Installation in Glendale on Flat Tile Roof

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Lisa and Alex were eager to go solar. They live in a beautiful property in Glendale. Many residents in their neighborhood already have solar panels installed on their roofs, which encouraged the couple to make the transition to clean energy. Lisa and Alex are very focused on living a healthy lifestyle. They have an organic garden where they grow most of their fruits and vegetable and make every attempted effort to grow their own food. They are also mostly vegan and try to avoid animal products as much as they can. They consider themselves environmentalists and care deeply about their consumer habits, therefore the decision to go solar was as natural as can be for them. Their main concern when installing solar was the roofing material which is flat tile. They wanted to make sure that the solar installation will not cause any damage to the roof and will generate sufficient electricity for their usage. Lisa and Alex were both present in the first meeting and felt they received sufficient information to make their decision. Two days later they called our office and decided they are ready to go solar and would like to be inserted in the upcoming schedule.



Our crew began by installing the special racking suitable for flat tile material, the brand used was Quick Mount PV, which is ideal when installing solar panels on a flat tile roofing material. Next we installed the LG 330 solar panels on the racks along with the Solar Edge inverter and optimizers. The labor took about 2 days to complete the solar installation and another couple of days for PTO to be granted by the utility company.


Lisa and Alex were happy to finally go solar. They felt it correlates with their healthy lifestyle and concern for the environment, since their approach is to always consider reducing their carbon footprint and taking as much care for the environment as possible, they felt that by installing solar panels this represents a major step towards their way of life. They love the idea to be able to product clean energy and urged all their friends in the area who are homeowners to do the same and go solar. Based on the mount of referrals from them, we can happily confirm they were very satisfied with he work provided and recommended NRG Upgrade to many of their friends.


Address: Glendale Los Angeles CA.

Type: Solar installation on flat tile

Materials: LG Panels, Solar Edge Inverter and Optimizers, Quick Mount PV Racking, ZigBee Monitoring.

Remarks: Alex and Lisa are very happy with their new solar installation and referred us to many of their friends in the area.

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