Solar Installation in Beverly Hills using LG Panels

Project Description

We installed a solar system by the size of 9.8 kW on a beautiful property in Beverly Hills. We used LG panels, Solar Edge Inverters and optimizer and Iron Ridge racking.


It all started as Lana met with one of our solar expert through a social gathering. Lana expressed her interest in solar panels to her friend Joe, as she realized Joe had just installed solar panels on his roof, and it looked great, she asked Joe about his decision and he said he couldn’t be happier. Joe mentioned Asaf who was at the party and was the one who installed solar for him, Joe made the introduction and Asaf was happy to share his expertise with Lana regarding solar system installations. Lana who lives right near Joe requested a similar solar installation that would look aesthetically pleasing. The next day our office set up a meeting between Asaf and Lana. ¬†Lana showed Asaf her past electricity bills, she explained she wants to get it done as soon as possible as she is about to leave on a 2 month vacation. Asaf generated a proposal for her on the spot and through our rendering software he presented how the panels will be placed. Lana was ready to proceed.


The house occupies 6 residents and the electricity bills reflect this accordingly. We chose to use LG 330 panels since they have a large capacity of absorbing the sunlight, LG is using an anti-reflective coating on the panels glass as well as on the cell surface to ensure more light is absorbed in the panel and not reflected. More absorbed light means more electricity generation. Once we began the work, the actual labor took 2 days, and city inspection was scheduled for the next day, once the city approved the solar system installation, we finalized the request for PTO. PTO which is permission to operate given by the utility company, was granted after 5 days. It was very important for Lana that the panels will not affect the looks of her roof, therefore we took that into consideration when our crew installed the panels. We made sure they are only visible from specific angles of the house without compromising on the location required for maximum electricity production.


Lana was thrilled, the solar system installation took a week an a half from start to finish. Within 9 days of meeting Asaf Lana had a working solar system installed on her roof. Lana expressed how happy she was to have met Asaf so randomly and this must be a sign that she was ready to go solar. She was very happy with the overall interaction with NRG Upgrade and felt comfortable and satisfied to have Asaf as her project manager. She mentioned she will recommend us to her friends who are also considering going solar. Nothing represents success more for us than receiving referrals from past clients.



Job Type: Solar system installation

Materials: LG Panels, Solar Edge, Iron Ridge

Address:  Beverly Hills Los Angeles California

Remarks: Job was completed within 2 days of labor, next day the city approved the installation and PTO was granted 5 days later. Lana is extremely satisfied with her new solar system.

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