Solar Installation in Beverly Hills On Flat Tile

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Ron and Miranda live in a beautiful property in Beverly Hills. The neighborhood is one of the most prestige areas in Los Angeles. Te house was built in 1970’s and has a unique modern contemporary feel to it. Miranda who is very active on Next Door turned to her favorite channel when she was interested in getting solar panels installed on her roof. Miranda is very fond of Next Door and it’s unique properties, she feels that the word-of-mouth sort of approach prevalent on Next Door is the most trustworthy database to extract professional services from, since most of her friends use it, and it addresses businesses that are near by in her area, Beverly Hills. So when she looked for solar installers in Beverly Hills she reached our company quite rapidly. She met with our solar expert and was immediately convinced that our company would be a good fit for her needs. Then, we sat down with her husband Ron to explain the process to him as well, they both were eager to proceed. One of their main concerns was the fact that their roof is flat tile, and they wanted to make sure, that the process will not cause any damage to their roof. We assured them that we use special racking that are adequate for a solar installation on a tile roof.


First we had our team conduct a site inspection, then plans were generated by the engineers while taking Miranda and Ron’s remarks into account. Then we submitted all the relevant paperwork to the utility company and to the city to obtain permits. Shortly after we installed the system which took about 2 days. Then the solar system was inspected and approved by the city of Beverly Hills and their representatives. After several days the utility company granted us permission to operate, the system was up and running. Since this was a flat tile roof, we used special racking by the brand Quick Mount PV which are ideal for a solar installation on a tile roof.


The whole process from start to finish took about two, which included 2 days labor, and a week and half for permits and permission to operate. Miranda appreciated our patience  and attention to details. We were thrilled to help Miranda and Ron transition to clean energy and we are grateful they chose NRG Upgrade.


Address: Beverly Hills Los Angeles, 90210

Type: Solar rooftop installation on flat tile.

Materials: LG Panels, Quick Mount PV racks, Solar Edge Inverter and Optimizers, ZigBee Monitoring Device

Remarks: Process took about one week from start to finish,

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