Solar Installation in an Apartment Building in Monrovia

Project Description

Solar Installation in an Apartment Building in Monrovia


Jesse owns an apartment building in Monrovia, he found us on Google, and reached out to us to inquire about a solar installation for his property. We sent one of our consultants to meet with him at the location, inspect the main panel and check all the metering connections. Jesse got a quote on the spot and mentioned he is interested in financing the project. Jesse had a few more questions and wanted to understand his options for moving forward, we scheduled a call between him and our manager where he received all the requested information regarding his financing options. Jesse was ready to move forward.



Jesse preferred to find a financing option himself at first but after a short research he asked us to fulfill this part. We presented him with several options for financing, since this is a an apartment building it requires a specific financing program, suitable for such properties, only several financing services address such cases. We found the best options for him, based on the lowest interest rates for a 15 year plan as this what Jesse requested. We then walked him through the process and filled all the necessary forms on his behalf, which were then approved by him. Once the financing service gave us a green light we were ready to proceed. We extracted the permit from the city and completed the interconnection with Edison. For an apartment building all tenants must provide us with their information so we can ensure all meters will be connected to the solar. Once the plans and permits were finalized we scheduled a convenient time to begin the work.



For this project we chose to use the Silfab Mono 300 modules as they are considered less expensive and very reliable. The size of system installed would produce enough electricity for all apartments. When it came to selecting the amount of credit given to each meter, i.e each tenant Jesse wanted divide the credit equally between all apartments which means that all tenants can benefit from the remaining credit.



Solar panels were successfully installed within 5 days. The tenants were very happy to finally go solar, and Jesse was glad it was done and behind him. Our crew completed the job on time, and the process went through smoothly.


Job type: Solar System Installation

Location: Monrovia

Material: Silfab Panels

Other Materials: SolarEdge Inverter and Optimizers

Remarks: Jesse’s multi-residential property is officially solar, providing all tenants with energy efficient electricity. We also covered the cost of the electricity of all the main light in the building. Jesse chose to finance this project and we helped him secure a cost-effective program. We were thankful to Jesse for allowing us to help him go solar.


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Solar Installation in Monrovia

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