Solar Installation in a Multi-residential in Signal Hill

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David reached us through a friend of his where we completed a solar installation. David owns a multi-residential building in Signal Hill and was interested in going solar and cutting down on his utility bills. He currently has 4 tenants residing in his property and he is looking to produce sufficient electricity for all his tenants including general electricity which include mainly the lighting. David was eager to get started and as he was close with our previous client he has no hesitation but to get started. One thing that was important for David was to finance this project with a minimum interest rate with a 15 year loan. After exploring several options himself he asked us to present him with better options for his needs. We collected all the offers from the different financing services we work with, and presented him with the most relevant one. He was satisfied with the terms and we applied. David was rapidly approved and within a week from our first meeting we ere about to get started.


David wanted to keep this project as cost-effective as possible without compromising on quality that is why he chose the Silfab Mono 300 solar panels, based on our recommendation. We used SolarEdge Inverters and optimizer and Iron Ridge racking. The solar installation took about 3 days. However our work began about 2 weeks before, when we had completed the first step of the application. Because it is a multi-residential we had to find the best way to divide the electricity equally for all the 4 tenants. Each unit has its own meter, so we had to address 4 meters along with the general one. We proceed with an aggregation approach which basically means the panels are connected to all the meters equally, which allowed David the option to divide the credit equally giving each tenant 25%. This approach allowed us to address all units equally and avoid installing a main meter which would be an additional cost. Once approved by the utility company, Edison we were good to go.


The installation went quickly and smoothly. First day was dedicated to cleaning the roof and prepping it for the install. Second day racking was installed and mounted to prepare for the panel installation. Although we had no need to access the apartments we made sure to coordinate with all tenants to ensure they are up to date and aware of the work that is being done on their roof. They were all very excited to take part in going solar and even more excited to stop paying their electricity bills. Last day the panels were installed, and the system was connected. Two days later we passed the city inspection, and 10 days later PTO was given by Edison. David and his tenants were officially off the grid, producing their own electricity. David was extremely surprised on how quickly everything went from the installation, to the final inspection all the way to the PTO.


Job type: Solar System Installation

Location: Signal Hill

Material: Silfab Panels

Other Materials: SolarEdge Inverter and optimizer, Iron Ridge racking. 

Remarks: David was very satisfied with himself for finally going through with the solar installation, and we couldn’t be happier to help him through the process. We made sure to present him with all the suitable options for financing and together we selected the most suitable one, we then identified the best approach to make sure the panels provide sufficient electricity for all the units and divided equally. David was very involved in the process and participated in every step of the way. He was a pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to helping his friend Todd next. 

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