Solar Installation for Leila and Amin in Beverly Hills

Project Description


Leila reached us through a mutual friend, for which we installed a solar system in Beverly Hills as well. Her friend was raving about her new utility bill and how wasteful it is to keep paying such high utility bills when you can go solar so easily and efficiently. She made her point and Leila was convinced. She called one of our project managers directly as he was the one who took such good care of her friend and was praised by her. Nico our representative was very fond of Leila’s friend and scheduled a meeting with Leila that same week. After reviewing her high utility bills, examining her main electric panel, and viewing the condition of her roof, Nico generated a proposal for Leila on the spot. Leila loved learning how much she could save per month, and how she would be reducing her carbon footprint thus helping the planet along the way. Apparently a discussion that often comes up at their dinner table with the younger generation constantly teasing their parents encouraging to do more, so becoming vegan was too much for Leila, but installing solar panels was just the right move for her, and more than all she was eager to raise her new initiative at their Friday night dinner table. Nico was happy to let her discuss this move of installing solar panels, with her husband and kids over the weekend. By Wednesday the next week, Leila had already completed the online contract we sent her through our customized solar estimation tool. That day Nico went to meet with her husband and explain to him what the process will include and when we are ready to proceed. Amin, her husband wanted to make sure we complete the installation before the end of the month as they have guests coming from abroad. We assured him this will not be an issue because as most people fail to understand, installing a solar system on the roof takes approx. 3 days of labor and about 2-3 weeks for all the permits to be issued, inspection to pass and PTO to be granted.


After cleaning and preparing the surface we installed the racking and wiring on the roof, the following day our crew started early and had already completed the LG panels installation by lunchtime. Then inverters and optimizers were installed and the monitoring device was connected.


Within a week PTO was granted and the system was generating solar energy.


Job Type: Solar Installation

Address: Beverly Hills

Materials: LG Panels, Solar Edge Inverter, and Optimizer

Remarks: Leila and Amin couldn’t believe how quickly this whole process went.

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