Solar Installation at Lawrence’s House in Pasadena

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Lawrance found us through Next Door, he was happy to see all the positive recommendations we received on the platform and noticed that several people from his neighborhood have previously used our services. He contacted us directly to set up an appointment with one of our solar experts. During the meeting, Lawrance discussed his concerns regarding the deep slope on his roof, as well as the shingle roofing material which he wanted to ensure,  will remain intact after the installation was complete. Our expert showed him images of similar projects, some in the area, some addressing this specific shingle roofing material. Lawrance was given an estimate on the spot wich was based on his past electricity bills to estimate the correct usage. Because of the angle, his house was facing, we recommended to install the system on the side which is facing the sun throughout most of the day. Lawrence liked the proposal and after consulting with his wife, who was eager to go solar, they were ready ti sign and be added to the upcoming installation schedule.


Our crew began by thoroughly cleaning the surface to ensure the area is ready for mounting installation. We used Iron Ridge racking and completed this step within a few hours. The next day we began by installing the solar panels. Our solar expert presented Lawrence with a variety of brands for the panels which include LG, Silfab, Panasonic, Qcell and more. Based on the specifications of each, both Lawrence and our representative agreed that Silfab would be the most ideal panels to install when taking quality, price and attributes into consideration. By the end of the day the panels, the Solar Edge Inverter, and optimizers were successfully installed.


The actual installation process from start to finish took about 3 days. The first day we prepared the surface and installed the racking and wiring, the second day we installed the panels, optimizers and inverters and third day we connected the ZigBee monitoring device to the system which allows Lawrance and his wife, to clearly view and monitor their electricity production through the Solar Edge website.


Job Type: Solar system Installation

Address: Pasadena, Los Angeles, California

Materials: Solar Edge Inverter and Optimizers, Silfab Solar Panels, Iron Ridge Racking

Remarks: Lawrence and his wife were a pleasure to work with, the whole process from start to finish took about one week in a half including city permits, utility permits, and PTO. The actual installation took about 3 days. 

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