Solar Installation and Roof Replacement in Hancock Park

Project Description


Annie reached us through Yelp, she found us as she was looking for a company that does both roof and solar. Annie wanted to go solar for a while but she knew she would have to redo the roof beforehand. She waited for about a year when she realised

it was time to replace the roof. Annie met with several roofing companies and a few solar companies. Since she liked the idea of doing both roof and solar with the same company she met with us and two other roofing and solar contractors. Annie did her own thorough research before she met with our representative Mike. When meeting Mike, Annie was very well-informed regarding what she needed and what she wanted to get done. She asked about our warranties, Mike assured her that we provide 10-50 warranties for labor and material on the roof, depending on the roof type and materials used. Plus a 25-year warranty for the solar panels which also include labor and material. Annie then asked about our insurance, Mike immediately had the office send her NRG Upgrade’s insurance policy and Workers Comp. Annie felt she was in good hands already. She told Mike she needed the weekend to consult with her husband and she will get back to us and she did. On Monday morning Mike got a call from Annie as she was ready to sign the proposal and be added to the upcoming schedule. We were happy to get the green light.


The roof installation was scheduled for the following week, but due to rain, we had to postpone the starting date to two days later, to avoid the possibility of leaving Annie with an open roof. By Wednesday the sky cleared up and we were good to go. Annie has a shingle roof with a standard slope. She chose Owens Corning Sierra Grey cool roof shingles as they are highly reflective and help isolate the home from outside temperatures. After about 5 days of labor, the roof was complete. The solar installation was scheduled to begin on Sunday as Annie preferred to get it done as soon as possible. The solar crew began by installing the racks, connect all the wirings and prepare the roof for the solar installation. Next LG panels were installed.


Annie was very pleased with the work provided by NRG Upgrade since she did thorough research before she chose to work with us, she was well aware of everything that could go wrong, from the job itself to permitting and more. We took care of all the permits and passed each inspection with flying colors also we made sure she got the PTO quickly after the system was installed, Annie felt the personal attention she was promised and she was happy with her new roof and solar panels.


Job Type: Roof replacement and solar installation.

Address: Hancock Park

Materials: Owens Corning Shingles, LG Solar Panels

Remarks: Annie was very pleased with her new roof and solar system, she was very worried about this project and mentioned how happy she was that it all went as promised without any hassle. She assured us she will recommend us to her friends, that is the most meaningful sign of our success.

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