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Amir reached us through Houzz, he had a leak on the roof of his office building, and he was looking to get the problem solved as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, we then coordinated with his secretary to schedule a meeting. Our roofer inspected the roof and determined that adding several layers of additional material should be sufficient in protecting the roof and it is the most cost-effective option for Amir. Amir was ready to proceed.


We began by decontaminating the area using power wash to clean the roof and preparing the surface for the additional layer, a crucial aspect of the work was making sure each layer is completely dried out before applying the next one. Each layer had to be applied on a completely dry surface, which meant that once we finished power washing we waited for the roof to completely dry out and then added another layer of base coat primar roll sheet, and again left it to dry. Then we unrolled a polyester enforcement layer and then added another layer of top coat primar roll sheet and left it to dry. This basically extended the life-span of the roof by providing a strong base for the top coat. Last we applied a final silicon coating to ensure a long lasting protection for the roof.



Since this an office building we made sure to schedule a time that would not interfere with the people who work at the location, Amir’s secretary was our point of contact and Amir was happy to come up to the roof with us to view the final results he was relieved and satisfied. Amir and the project manager developed a relationship and we ended us doing a roof replacement for his roof at his home in Van Nuys, now he is looking to go solar and has kept his new friend in the loop. Returning customers are the best sign for success by us and we couldn’t be happier to continue and work with Amir on his various needs.

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