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RJ reached us through Yelp, he has met with previous roofers before our roofer arrived to do a free inspection. RJ mentioned what is important to him when choosing which roofer to work with. We assured him that we put our clients first and we do everything we can to yield the best results in each project. After about 3 weeks RJ gave us a call and was ready to proceed with the roof replacement. The following week he was on our schedule and the work began.


The process:

RJ wanted to replace the roof of his main house and his garage. We began by removing the damaged and old plywood and then cleaned the area to prepare it for the next step. We then installed synthetic underlayment sheeting using premium materials. The next step involved installing water barriers in valley rafters and metal valleys on top of the water barrier. Then came the fun part, choosing a color for the asphalt shingles, we encouraged him to stick to the cool roof Owens Corning line, in order to make sure he will benefit from unique properties found only in cool roof colors. Cool roof color is highly reflective and protects from overheating which aids in maintaining a comfortable temperature in a home without using too much energy form the AC. Once the shingles were installed we completed the garage roof installation using the same process and color of shingles.


The Outcome:

RJ and his wife were happy to finally have new roof over their heads and found the grey color they chose gave their house a more modern appearance. The neighbors noticed they had work begin done and once they saw the results they contacted us as well. Nothing makes us happier than getting referrals as we understand that word of mouth provides the most trustworthy form of recommendations, plus in this case, they actually saw the full process from start to finish so they knew what to expect. This strengthens our position as a company to do our best work in every project we take on.



Job type: Roof replacement approx. 24 big square (including garage and main roof)

Location: Culver City

Roofing material: Asphalt Shingles

Chosen color: Estate Grey, Oakridge Line

Remarks: RJ and his wife mentioned the importance of doing the work rapidly, therefore we made sure to include them in the upcoming schedule just 2 days after they signed. RJ and his wife were extremely nice and pleasant to work with.

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