Roof Replacement for Greg in Pasadena

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Greg reached us through Yelp. He had a leak in his laundry room and wanted to have it inspected, he also mentioned his roof is quite old so he may need to replace it. Nico met Greg two days later. Greg showed him the leak in the laundry room and Nico went up to the roof to examine the situation. He found several cracks in Greg’s unique roof, the steep slopes, and long life span of the roof were indicators that a roof repair would not be a sustainable option, Nico provided Greg with his professional opinion regarding the condition of the roof, he explained what a repair would include, how much it would cost and how long it will last, then he presented the options for a full roof replacement, timeline, pricing and warranties included in a full roof replacement. Greg did not hesitate, he was wanted to move forward with a full roof replacement as the roof was over 20 years and a repair would not make any sense at this point. He was happy to learn about the cool roof shingles and their energy efficiency properties and how it can help him reduce his energy costs. Greg was ready to go the next day, the contract was signed and Greg’s project was inserted in the upcoming schedule.


The office extracted the necessary permits from Pasadena City in order to begin the roof replacement and the project was scheduled for the following week starting on Monday. Our crew began by removing the old roofing material and hauling it away, then they proceeded to replace the wood planks, due to the condition of the roof, the majority of the wood planks have to be replaced. Then the crew installed the underlayment sheeting and then they installed the water barriers and last the new cool roof Malarky shingles, the vents were installed and painted to match the ridge and roof and the roof replacement was complete.


Greg was very pleased with his new roof especially upgrading the cool roof shingles so he can start saving on energy costs while the house will refrain from overheating as the cool roof shingles isolate the external temperature. He loved the new color and although his roof is very unique in its shape he felt this roof replacement added a modern touch to his home.


Address: Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

Type: Roof Replacement

Material: Cool Roof Malarky shingles

Remarks: Greg has an extremely unique roof, our crew was very careful while completing the replacement due to the steep slope. Greg was thrilled with our work and the outcome, he loves his new cool roof and he is now interested in installing solar panels.

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