Roof Replacement and Solar Installation in Culver City

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Joe reached us through Yelp and scheduled a meeting. He was interested in replacing his roof as it was old and damaged and he wanted to install solar panels on a roof that would be sustainable for long-term. After meeting with several companies he felt we were the right pick for him, mainly, because we are both a roofing and a solar company which made the whole process easier and more efficient, plus the bundle deal we offered turned out to be the most cost effective quote compared to other companies he met with. Joe wanted to make sure he will take advantage of the tax rebates which would be higher since we did both a roof replacement and a solar installation.

Tax rebates are applied to total cost of the project as long as solar installation is part of the scope of work.


We were eager to get started. Joe has a shingle asphalt roof so we began by removing the old damaged shingle material and replacing all the necessary wood planks. Next we installed 30lbs of synthetic underlayment sheeting and then proceeded with the asphalt shingle installation. As per our recommendation, Joe selected Owens Corning shingles, cool roof title 24. Cool roof shingles are highly reflective and aid in prevent heat from penetrating the building which results in less energy used to cool down a house. After the shingles were installed and roof was finished we waited 2 days and then continued with the solar installation. We installed a 7.77 kW system which provides 100% offset based on the household electricity usage. We used LG panels, Solar Edge inverter and optimizers.



Joe was extremely satisfied with the shingle color choice, which is Owens Corning Oakridge line, Sierra Gray cool roof title 24. He loved the dark grey and the total modern look it gave the whole house. Joe was glad he finally went through with this project and it was now behind him. He was eager to get the tax rebates for the total project and to finally be off the grid. We enjoyed completing Joe’s project as him and his wife were very nice and pleasant to work with. Joe can finally stop paying the high electricity bills and enjoy his modern looking house which attracted comments from neighbors around. We were extremely thankful for all the referrals.



Address: Culver City

Job Type: Roof Replacement and Solar Installation.

Materials: LG panels, Sierra Gray Shingles by Owens Corning.

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