Roof and Solar Installation in Marina Del Ray

Project Description

Dora and Reggie were about to move to their new house and were not happy with their current roofing contractor. They reached out to us and we conducted an  inspection. Once we finalized the details with Dora and Reggie we were ready to begin with the work. Part of their roof is flat and the other part is shingle so we addressed the flat roof part first then continued with the shingle roof installation, last we completed the solar system installation.

Dora was very particular with her color selection so we presented to her a large variety of color options to choose from but made sure we don’t compromise on quality, choosing a color from the cool roof collection was essential as they provide unique characteristics that help make a roof more energy efficient.

Process of Flat Roof Installation:

We began by installing new plywood then proceeded with installing 30lbs felt paper sheeting underlayment to cover the plywood and then we applied torch down cool roof title 24. Next, we sealed all vents and other areas that could penetrate the roof. Last, we installed drip edge metal flashing on the facia board. We used premium roofing material to ensure long-lasting results that will endure any weather conditions.


Process of Shingle Roof Installation:

We installed new plywood and then covered it with synthetic underlayment sheeting. Then we installed water barriers in all valley rafters and metal valleys on top of the water barrier.

We used new and premium matching ridge cap and hip, as they were precise with their color requests. We then installed Owens Corning asphalt shingle cool roof title 24. They picked the Mountainside color from the TruDefinition line. Then we sealed all vents and other elements using silicon coating to add another layer of protection. Last, we installed drip edge metal flashing on the facia board. The shingles were carefully placed and tightened around the corners to maintain an aesthetic and precise finishing.


Solar Process:

They chose the LG-300 panels. We began by mounting the equipment we connected the rails and conduits and then installed the panels and connected all the wiring and turned on the inverter, the system was good to go. We passed all inspections and the system was ready to operate and granted a PTO about a week after the system was installed.



We were very satisfied with the results but most of all, we were happy to see our client’s reaction to our work. They loved the color they chose and were excited about finally going solar and reducing their utility bills.  

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