Reverse Tilt Solar Installation on Tile Roof in Pasadena CA

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When John and Marcia contacted us they were searching for a company that does both roofing and solar and has experience working on tile roofs. They found us on Google, and after thoroughly reading our reviews on Yelp Google and Facebook they reached out to us. We set up the roof inspection several days later. When Nico came to John and Marcia’s house, he went up to the roof to inspect the condition of it and noticed the broken tiles they had mentioned over the phone. Tile roofs are very sensitive so it was no surprise that some of their tiles came off. Also, they had concerns regarding installing a solar system on a tile roof as they wanted to avoid needing to repair more tiles espcially once the solar system is installed. This is why we explained the specific materials we use to make sure the tile roof remains intact when installing solar panels. Also because of the direction, their house is facing we recommended a reverse tilt solar installation. John and Marcia looked at previous projects we completed with similar roofs, and they felt confident to let our crew begin with the work. We inserted them in the upcoming schedule and the repair and installation were scheduled for the following week.


Our crew began by removing the broken tiles from the roof and preparing the layer for the new matching clay tile. They carefully installed the new roofing material. The following day they began with the solar installation. They used the racking by Quick Mount PV which is a company that specializes in racking for tile roofs, with emphasis on reverse tilt solar installation. Their racking offers the security and endurance required to make sure the system on the tile roof remains in place. They have high durability, flexibility and a warranty to guarantee the most optimal results when installing a solar system on a tile roof. Once the racking was in place, the crew began working on the wiring. By the end of the day, all the racking was perfectly placed and ready for the panels. The next day the crew started early so they can finish all the remaining aspects of the installation. We all agreed that the Qcell panels originally from Australia, are a good choice for John and Marica’s home, perhaps because John is originally from Australia and wanted to support a local business. For us, we recommend panels based on roof types, electricity usage and price which may differ from one solar panel brand to another. That day the crew completed the full solar system installation which took about 3 days of labor including the tile repair.


John and Marcia were very happy to finally go solar and fix the broken tiles on the roof. They told us their roof has never looked better and as concerned as they were with installing a reverse tilt solar system on a tile roof they felt they had made a good decision. They look forward to enjoying their new low utility bill and are happy to monitor their usage throught the site we created for them.


Job type: Reverse-tilt solar installation

Address: Pasadena Los Angeles CA

Materials used: Quickmount PV for racking, Qcell Solar panels.

Remarks: We chose to install a reserve-tilt solar system due to two main factors. First the direction the house is facing to ensure we enjoy maximum sun exposure and the roofing material, in this case, clay tile, which is a more delicate roofing material to work with.

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