Reverse-Tilt Solar Installation in Sherman Oaks

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Nir and Noa wanted to go solar since they purchased the house about two years ago. Their utility bill is over the top and having 3 kids and a pool didn’t exactly contribute to having a decent electricity bill, so they knew it was time to go solar right before the hot summer months when the AC will be working over hours especially since it gets very hot in Sherman Oaks located in the Valley. Also, they are expecting a large family visit in the summer adding about 4 people to their current household which form their past experience has made their utility costs skyrocket. They called us right before the summer began. They reached us through a mutual friend and requested to work directly with Asaf. Asaf was happy to meet friends of friends who quickly become his friends. After reviewing their electricity costs and generating an adequate proposal they were ready to get started.


We scheduled the installation for that same week, due to the urgency of the upcoming family visit, Nir and Noa apologized for their expedited request and mentioned they should’ve called us sooner, we took this project as our own personal mission to complete this solar installation within a week of signing the contract. Once we got the permits sorted out we began with the installation. The actual solar installation took about 2 days of labor and the last day we connected the monitoring device and the system was good to go. The only thing left to do was get a PTO approval, after on-going conversations with their representative, our office manager speaks to her often regarding other projects so luckily for us she is already very friendly with, therefore she took as her personal mission to make sure we get the permission to operate as soon as possible. The LADWP ┬árepresentative was scheduled to come a day after Nir’s parents arrived from Israel.


Finally, Permission to operate was granted just one day after the family arrived, this project was our own personal speedy mission to get completed as soon as possible, this may very well be the project which we completed the quickest. We are proud of our crew for being real troopers and making this happen on time, and to Asaf for manging this whole process from start to finish, making sure everyone is on time and on point to make this installation happen so fast. Nir and Noa were shocked at our cooperation and loved the personal attention they got. This is one of our major success stories due to the challenging timeline but we made it happen.


Job type: Reverse-tile solar installation

Address: Sherman Oaks Ventura CA

Materials used: LG panels

Remarks: One of our biggest success stories in the history of the company. This showed us how lucky we are to have such a great team with us.

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