Reverse Tilt Solar Installation in Hollywood Hills

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Lenny and Arnold live in the east coast and have a property in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles CA. They are originally from LA, but have been living in the East coast most of the time throughout the year to be close to their grandchildren who lives in the area. They kept their house in Los Angeles, and come visit at least 4-5 times a year, since they usually plan their trips ahead, they booked meetings with 3 different solar companies for their scheduled week in Los Angeles. They found us on through Houzz and since we are located right near their property and we have good reviews as they claimed, they chose us as one of the companies to provide a bid for the installation. Since the house is not always occupied, they come every now and then, most of the time it is used as a short-term rental. The house is occupied about 8 months a year more or less which is a sufficient amount to consider going solar.

Once Lenny met with our expert she already knew the system size they need, what panels they want, and how quickly they are ready to proceed. Jonathan their project manager was very informative, and patient which helped Lenny make a decision to move forward.


Due to the direction of their house, and the engineer’s inspection we concluded that tilted panels would be the most beneficial solution for their needs, and would create be ideal for maximum electricity generation. The installation took about a day in a half since this a smaller property the installation went very rapidly. Lenny and Arnold insisted on the Q-cell Solar panels and we happily complied, we used the 315W MONO BOB 120-CELL MOD 32MM panels, Solar Edge Inverter and Dual Rack mounting as they have a large variety of racks available which are suitable for the tilted solar panel installation. Since Lenny and Arnold don’t live in Los Angeles, we wanted to make sure we finalize this project on time, while they are still in town and apply for the DWP Incentives program on their behalf. Jonathan made sure PTO was granted by LADWP shortly after the installation so they will be able to return to the East Coast with a working solar system installed working and collecting available rebates.



Lenny and Arnold were very pleased mainly with the speed and efficiency of our crew, they felt they were in good hands with Jonathan and joked about wanting to take him to their other properties to manage solar installations for those as well. The whole process from start to finish took about 10 days.



Address: Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles CA

Job Type: Reverse Tilt Solar System Installation

Materials: Q-Cell, Solar Edge and Dual Rack

Remarks: The reverse tilt installation was an ideal solution for this project.


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