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Nathan reached us through Yelp, he is originally from Australia and has been living in Los Angeles for a few years. He is in the music industry and he runs a company along with 2 partners. He frequently goes back to Australia to visit family, but as the years went by he was tired of renting and was ready to buy his own place. He found this beautiful property in Silverlake and immediately fell in love. His main objective when looking for a house was a great view and he found that the chosen house has all the components he dreamt of when looking for a house to buy. The house is old and there is a lot of work to be done. As he met with the project manager Asaf, he felt that Asaf really understood his needs and concerns and was happy to move forward. He explained all the things he wanted to get done in the house, and the list was long. Asaf explained what would be the best to start with, according to his professional opinion and based on the urgency of a quality of living. Some things can wait, Asaf explained and some things better to start now in order for you to enjoy living in your new house. Nathan listened and agreed with Asaf regarding the order of things. They both decided that since summer is approaching insulation would be the most crucial aspect to begin with, and so a quote was generated and the work was scheduled to begin.



First we began by cleaning the attic area¬†then we used blown-in technique to reach the small cracks and areas that are hard to reach in order to ensure we cover the whole area with R-38 insulation material. Since there are different degrees of thermal insulation, the R-38 which includes a minimum thickness of 15.3, this type of rating indicates a high level of insulation and is ideal for specific spaces in the house such as the attic. We can apply Insulation material¬† to spaces that already have some sort of insulation and simply need another layer or we can use the material to insulate spaces from scratch. Since Nathan recently purchased this house, he wanted to redo whatever was necessary at once to avoid dealing with additional aspects later. Insulation was a significant step of the process as it led to additional benefits such as reducing the cost of energy consumption. The main reason for this is by insulating the attic, which is the first part of the house to absorb heat, can be used as a barrier and help prevent accumulation of heat directly from the sun. Thus, many home-owners choose to insulate the attic for this reason exactly to help preserve the home’s natural temperature by adding another barrier between the space and the sun. First we began by removing all the plywood from the attic celling, then we removed the old insulation and hauled away. Next we cleaned up and removed all the debris. We then installed new R-38 insulation between the beams and under the air ducts and cables, we disinfected the area using a special chemical to prevent bacteria and mold. We then closed the ceiling.The process took about 4 hours and went smoothly and rapidly.


Nathan was thrilled with our crew and his project manager, we all felt this is a start of a journey and there is a lot of work ahead, but the first step went smoothly and efficiently.

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