Flat Roof Replacment and Solar Installation in Hollywood Hills

Project Description

Mark and George live in a beautiful property in Hollywood Hills where we completed a roof replacement and a solar system installation.


Mark and George contacted us in the summer of 2018, they were interested in installing a solar system and were looking to have our expert conduct a roof inspection to determine the condition of the roof. They never replaced their roof, and although they were not experiencing any leaks, they wanted to ensure a steady foundation for the panels and avoid dealing with a damaged roof in the future. They moved to this house in 2001 and haven’t had much work done on the exterior so they were eager to get it all done at once.


This was a flat roof replacement. We began by removing plywood from to roof to bring the decking up to code. Then we laid 30ilbs felt paper sheeting underlayment. Then applied torch down cool roof and properly sealed all the vents and other elements penetrating the roof. Next we installed drip edge metal flashing on the facia board. Once the roof was complete we were ready to proceed with the solar installation. Since this is a flat roof, there is a mandatory distance to keep between the panels, Mark wanted to ensure the installation will look aesthetically pleasing on their brand new roof, Solar World panels were a great choice for this project. The system size we installed was a 7.5kW which included supply and installation of 25 panels by the brand Solar World, we installed SolarEdge Inverters and optimizer and used Iron Ridge for racking and mounting.


It took about 3 weeks from our first meeting to project completion. Actual work on the roof took about one week, and in between we successfully passed all the inspections by city and utility company. Process went smoothly and rapidly. Mark and George were very happy to get this over with, and were very pleased with their new roof and solar system. As the hot summer months arrive, and electricity bills raise accordingly, the changes in the electricity costs when installing solar become even more significant. Mark and George were excited to experience a first hot summer without relaying on the grid. Our crew was very pleased to work with Mark and Geroge in their beautiful home.



Job type: Roof replacement and solar system installation

Address: Hollywood Hills

Materials: Solar World, Solar Edge, Iron Ridge

Remarks: beautiful property, roof replacement and solar installation went smoothly, our crew finalized this project in 3 weeks from start to finish. All inspection were passed successfully.

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