Flat Roof Replacement for a Condominium in Beverly Hills

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David reached us through Yelp. He was looking to get the roof replaced in the condominium which he shares with several other tenants. Since he was in charge of this project and got approval from the other tenants he met with several roofing companies to choose the one who will replace the roof in the condominium in Beverly Hills. One of our roofers met with David, inspected the roof and determined that the roof must be replaced and that it is a good decision that all tenants are on board for a full replacement. The main reason for this is the fact that the roof is old and worn out small patchwork or even adding another layer of silicone wouldn’t solve the problem and would result in more money spent since the roof would eventually need to be replaced. David asked for a discount and after speaking with our manager we gave him the best price we could while ensuring we use only premium quality materials and provide a 10-year warranty. David has some thinking to do and met with other companies. Upon following up, it seemed he was not interested to proceed. After about a month he gave our roofer a call and said he was ready to move forward with NRG Upgrade. We were happy to insert him in our upcoming schedule.


The whole installation from start to finish took about 6 days of actual work. Since this was a condominium we wanted to make sure we don’t interfere with any of the tenant’s schedules which is why we made sure to coordinate the hours of work with all tenants in that Beverly Hills location. They requested we do not work until too late in the evening so we made sure the set our crew to start early in the morning. Our crew began by tearing off the old roofing material and cleaning the whole area immediately to avoid any remaining debris. Then we replaced the damaged wood planks to bring the decking up to code and make sure we are ready for the inspection. Then we Installed 30Ibs felt paper sheeting underlayment, and last we added installed the torch down cool roof title 24. The roof was fully replaced using a premium torch product that provides a long-lasting warranty.



David and his tenants were extremely happy with their new roof and eager to finally experience the rainy season without any concerns. We passed the final inspection with flying colors and were very pleased to finally and properly finish this beautiful condominium roof replacement in Beverly Hills.

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