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Nick reached us through our mutual friend Lena, for whom we also completed a roof replacement project. He had just bought a house in Burbank, Los Angeles and he was interested in a complete remodeling of the house, Asaf our manager met up with him and they went over everything Nick wanted to get done. The main things they discussed during the meeting included roof replacement, grass, and landscape, stucco repair, installing windows and doors. This summed the first stage of this project, the second stage included opening the ceiling and exposing the ridge beam to provide an open spaced living room with a high ceiling which would change the house completely. Since this was a large project that would cost over $250,000 Nick wanted to spread it out and proceed with the work step by step. Asaf constructed a timeline with a clear layout of what will be done in every stage of the process including the gaps we leave between the first and second stages. Nick loved how precise the plan was and how much attention was put into the small details such as landscape, including the types of plants, and bushes, the specific grass we work with, as well as applying energy-efficient solutions wherever it made sense, which in this case was mainly the windows, the cool roof paint and the exterior paint we recommended using which would help maintain the house’s natural temperature and save on utility costs. Then we had a meeting with the architect to generate new plans, based on city code to get the right permits for the project. Once the plans were created and approved by Nick we began scheduling the different stages of the project.


First, we addressed the roof, we began by demoing the old roof and installing a completely new deck on the whole roof, then we added the underlayment sheeting coat and last we installed the shingles. Nick insisted on a black roof, and since we wanted to stay within the Cool Roof range we went with the high-quality brand Malarky and chose their Charcoal black cool roof color shingles. There are two main benefits that we wanted to gain by installing the cool roof, first was the eco-friendly approach which as we mentioned before, helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the house and as a result, less energy is needed to cool or warm the house. The second reason was the rebate incentive for installing cool roof shingles. The roof replacement took about 5 days from start to finish. Next, we addressed the landscape.

The landscape was the most enjoyable part for Asaf and Nick, it included many trips to the nursery and examining previous projects we completed to explore all the options we can do with his landscape. Nick wanted a colorful garden so we picked pink yellow and red flowers, along with sustainable bushes to create an overall flower garden look, that wouldn’t be too susbiple to extreme weather and would require minimum maintenance. We also suggested an edible garden and Nick insisted on having one, we decided to pursue it at a later stage. For the grass, we suggested several grass types and Nick picked his favorite one. We had our carpenter create a customized gazeebo for Nick to complete the beautiful energy fluent vibe created in the garden.

Last we installed double pane windows that provide a high degree of insulation allowing the temperature to remain as desired thus again reduces energy costs. Nick picked specific framing for the windows which we had customized and installed about 3 weeks later.


Although this still an on-going project we had the best time working with Nick, he is genuine and very nice and pleasant to communicate with. This is a long-term project which we decided to divide into stages for comfort reasons, this is Nick’s primary residence and to avoid spending all the budget at once. We chose a step-by-step process that allowed us to investigate each aspect thoroughly and take our time to clearly understand Nick’s objectives and realize his vision for his dream house.





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