Commercial Solar Installation on Wilshire Blvd

Project Description

Anthony reached out to us through Yelp, he owns an office building, 4 stories high, in Wilshire blvd. He was interested in going solar to cover the communal costs of the building, and provide enough electricity for the all offices. Anthony met with several solar companies before and was eager to begin with the work. When our consultant came, Anthony was very knowledgeable regarding what the work will include, the process, the requirements, and specifications, also he had received many different quotes with a significantly different price range. We guaranteed a price match, when using the same materials provided in the previous quote, that step and the fact that our consultant seemed trustworthy to him (quoted by Anthony) was the last step necessary to give the project a green light, and so we hit the road.


Process and permit:

Commercial projects often differ from residential ones, mainly in the eyes of the city, each city has its own requirements when it comes to solar system installation, but almost all of them have one thing in common, a different process for projects that include a system larger than 10kW. Once we generated the plans, Anthony approved them and we submitted a request for a permit by the city, and the utility company. Once both were approved, we began with the installation. Anthony did not want to use the most expensive panels, since this was a very large system and he preferred to avoid such high costs. We recommended the Silfab Panels which are a great choice when avoiding a top tier option, they are reliable, efficient and include a long-term warranty. We began by mounting the stanches on the roof, like most commercial buildings, the roofing material is flat roof, which meant easy access to the roof, and allowed us to easily unload all the equipment before we started. We then added the racking and wiring to prepare the structure for the panels. Last, we installed the Silfab panels carefully and connected all the necessary wiring to each panel. After 4 days of labor and a dedicated crew we successfully completed the project. The work was done on time and with minimum contact with Anthony as we had access to the roof at any time. Once the system was in place we were only left with PTO, permission to operate which is basically the last step of every installation. This is a final approval from LADWP that basically connects the system to the electricity and allows us to operate the solar. We waited for about a week until we received a confirmation from them that system is officially approved. One of the remarkable things in this project is the amount of time it took from the first meeting until PTO which was about 2 weeks, actual labor took about 4 days and PTO was finalized within a week of installation we were very pleased with the city’s representatives and with our dedicated crew.



Anthony’s commercial property is officially solar. Anthony told us how pleased he was with the hassle free process, and speed of the work from start to finish. He was very concerned with the permit application and length of wait for PTO as his colleagues have had issues with these however it went smoothly and rapidly. The office building can now generate sufficient electricity to cover the main costs and the building. We are glad to complete this project successfully and highly recommend other commercial property owners to consider going solar as the decrease in utility costs is significant in such cases.


Job type: Solar System Installation

Location: Mid-city

Material: Silfab Panels

Other Materials: Solaredge Inverter and Optimizers

Remarks: We installed a solar system on Anthony’s commercial property, everything from start to finish went smoothly and we finished the project in a timely manner, including permits and PTO.

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