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For their commercial property, it was a no brainer that solar panels were going to be installed, but Manny delayed the this step as they were finishing renovating the property and finalizing details with their new tenants. We got a call from them about 2 months before the renovation was complete and we sent our solar expert to provide Manny with all the information he needs to know about going solar. Manny was impressed mostly by how much he will save on electricity and how quickly the ROI will manifest for the system installation. As we both agreed he should first finish the renovations before proceeding with any additional work. After about two months and half we were scheduled to call him but he beat us to it and told us he is ready to proceed a finalizing meeting was scheduled, contract was signed and we were good to go.


Manny wanted to make sure that the roof will still be easily accessible that is why we assured him that on flat roofs, there is a recommended space to maintain between each row of panels. As we presented all the solar panel brands we work with, such as, LG, Panasonic, Silfab, Mission Solar and more, we explained what would be the best options for him. Mainly due to price and quality Manny chose the Silfab Panels. Permits were processed rapidly and within 2 weeks we began to do the work. Because this is a commercial property, Manny requested that we will be flexible and adapt to his schedule in terms of the installation which is why we began the solar panel installation on a Friday and worked throughout the weekend.  By Monday we were officially done with the work and were only left with the final inspection and PTO.


Final inspection was scheduled for the following week and was approved rapidly. As for the PTO it took another 3 weeks for the electrical company to finalize this step, we made sure to keep Manny in the loop and be in constant touch with the Utility company to follow-up on the process. After 3 weeks Manny was officially solar and off the grid. His system covers all the main costs of the building and Manny is now enjoying a significant reduction in his electricity bills.


Job Type: Solar Installation

Materials: Silfab Panels

Address: Valley Village

Remarks: Manny has a lot of sense of humor, our crew was very happy to work with him and enjoy many laughs. Although Manny mentioned he prefers not to ever have to call us, he will be happy to see us again. Since Manny’s electricity bills were significantly reduced, he decided to invest in taking his wife on a much needed vacation.



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