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Alan contacted us as he was thinking of installing solar panels for a while. He learned from his friend that the tax rebates might soon change and offer less favorable rebates, “this was the last straw” as he claimed. Alan met with one of our experts and had many concerns regarding the lifespan, productivity, and quality of different panel brands. He also requested to clearly understand how and where the panels will be aligned on the roof, since it’s a flat roof, we assured him that is a recommended distance we will maintain to allow movement on the flat roof. Our expert presented him with a variety of panel brands we work with, explaining the pros and cons of each brand.



Our crew was on Alan’s roof a week later ready to begin with the installation. Alan chose the LG QI 330 panels as they were a newer model of that brand. Within 3 days our crew was official done with the installation. Alan came up to the roof several times as he enjoyed to feel part of the process. Our crew was amused by his interest and walked him through the process, they even allowed him to help with the mounting and wiring, so Alan can proudly tell all his friends he was the one that installed the solar panels.



5 days later we passed the final inspection and about 10 days later the PTO was approved. Alan was officially off the grid and eager to receive his tax rebates.  Alan loved being part of the process and learning more about how his solar system works. He was very surprised at the speed and efficiency of our crew, and how simple the installation was. He felt like he could’ve easily done it sooner but was very happy he chose our company to work with.



Job Type: Solar installation on a flat roof.

Location: Whittier

Materials: LG Panels


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