Alex’s Solar and Battery Installation in Hollywood Hills

Project Description


Alex reached out to us through a mutual friend Ariel, he was interested in going solar for quite some time but after he visiting Ariel one afternoon, and seeing his new solar system, Alex felt it was time to do something about it. Ariel recommended NRG Upgrade as he had a great experience with us and was very pleased with his solar system and especially his new electricity bill which was reduced to almost none. Alex was convinced and he reached out to us and asked to meet with Asaf, who installed the solar system for Ariel. A meeting for Alex and Asaf was set up for the following week. Alex was very happy to meet with Asaf as they both have many topics of interest in common as well as a similar circle of friends. The whole meeting took a more friendly tone from that point on, and Asaf prepared a proposal for Alex based on his electricity usage and needs. Alex, who is a numbers guy made sure we are providing him with the best possible deal, he then decided to add a backup battery in addition to the solar system so the electricity produced, especially during peak hours, will be stored in the backup battery rather than lost or returned to the grid. Following Ariel’s recommendation for installing a backup battery Alex was adamant that the project should include both a solar system and a backup battery. He wanted the LG Chem just like his friend. Asaf added the requested battery to the estimate and sent the final offer to Alex.

Alex took a few days to think about it and was requesting an additional discount which was not possible on our end as this was the best offer we could generate for him. Alex then told us he needs to think about it. 2 months later he called Asaf directly and was ready to sign the estimate and hit the road, he mentioned he met with several other installers and that made him realize we offered the best deal. Asaf found it amusing and reassured him that we did the best we can, the installation was scheduled for the following week.


First the crew installed the racking and wiring, preparing the surface for the panel installation. Iron ridge was used for the mounting, and Solar Edge for the inverters and optimizers. Next the crew installed the solar panels. The following day the backup battery was installed and connected directly to the solar system. Within 5 days both battery and solar systems were installed.


The office submitted the rebates request for the backup battery installation and finalised the permits for the solar system, PTO was granted within about a week and both the solar system and backup battery were officially on and working.


Address: Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

Project Type: Solar system and backup battery

Material: Iron Ridge, Solar Edge, LG

Remarks: Alex was very pleased with his new solar system and backup battery and even more pleased to get it over with, he was pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole process went from start to finish. Asaf and Alex remained friends and keep in touch regularly. Alex recommended NRG Upgrade to 2 other friends of his.

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