6 Common Problems Solved By A Solar Panel Installation Company

By webadmin On December 20, 2022
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Investing in a solar battle is the wisest thing to do these days. Although you have to invest a huge amount of money in one go, it pays you well in the long run. A solar panel can help you save money for more than 15-25 years depending upon the capacity and the quality.

The world is shifting towards smarter ways and therefore you should also consider smarter choices. However, you must do all the calculations at your end and come up with the most appropriate solution for your application.

At NRG Upgrade, we have a close look at all your needs and requirements. It is better that you choose a Solar Panel Installation Company that gives the true value for money. Not only do the skills and turnaround time matter but also, you have to consider the commitment and the reputation of the company.

Given below are a few problems that are easily resolved with the help of a highly reputed solar panel installation company.

Malfunctioning solar meter

Even with working panels, the solar meter cannot effectively measure power production. Feed-in tariff and energy savings calculations need correct solar meter readings. Use solar-powered replacement metering systems.

Software or hardware might cause this problem. Solar meters might fail due to obsolete technology. Internet-dependent meters may be affected by brief interruptions. If you’re unsure about your solar array’s condition, contact your Commercial Solar Panel Service. If you notify your provider, they may replace the broken meter with a solar-powered, cellular-connected one.

Snail trails on the panels

Snail tracks harm solar panels years after installation. Snail tracks eventually reduce solar system efficiency. To restore solar panel operation, remove the snail channel. Panels may have “snail track” brown stains. Solar cell manufacture is affected by poor silver paste. Solar paste problems may cause moist solar panels.

Moisture oxidizes silver paste and encasing. Oxidation promotes the front layer’s degradation, which discolors the solar panel. Discoloration reduces solar panel efficiency, hurting the system. Snail paths may permanently damage solar panels, requiring repair. Solar panel replacement may be expensive but occasionally required. Therefore, you should seek help from the Solar Panel Maintenance Service

Dirt and dust build-up

The solar panel will stay outdoors and be exposed to hazardous particles. The panel becomes dusty after being outside. Dirty solar panels can’t absorb light. Solar panels lose 1–2% efficiency a year. Thus, your solar panels have lost some efficiency.

If your solar system’s performance plummets, there may be another cause. Insufficient sunlight prevents the panel from producing enough electricity for the inverter to power the dwelling. Dusting the sun panel should fix the issue. To avoid further complications, the panel must be thoroughly cleaned. The panel in the sun will restart your solar system.

PID effect

“Potential Induced Degradation” (PID) may reduce your solar panels’ efficiency. It might damage your solar system and shorten its longevity. Your solar system may require expert help to fix PID. The PID effect is caused by the solar panel-earthing voltage difference. The main circuit partially discharges. Fixing it requires an expert. Anti-PID boxes reduce the PID effect. Preventing degradation by installing it before a problem arises is better.


You can notice a decline in your solar panels’ performance and efficiency if they contain microcracks. They often make it more difficult to generate electricity at one’s home or place of work. However, it is quite difficult to find these tiny cracks.

Similarly, to this, broken solar panels are often the result of fractures. The cracks widen as time goes on and the surroundings change. Variables related to PV module production, seasonality, and temperature may result in fractures.

If you need help fixing the cracks or changing the solar panel, call a qualified technician right once. Handle your panels with extra caution if you don’t want to see any more cracks.

Broken panels

The integrity of the whole system may be at risk if a solar panel fails. It is impossible to turn solar energy into electricity without a functioning solar panel. Your solar panel is a crucial part of your solar system and has to be treated as such.

Your solar power system is virtually worthless if the part that produces the energy is malfunctioning.

You need to seek the advice of a specialist if you want to know what to do. To guarantee continuous power production, your system must have high-quality solar panels.

To Wind it Up! 

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on electricity bills, it is better to invest in a solar panel. Only trust a professional and well-experienced Solar Panel Installation Company so that you can have premium quality installation and maximum efficiency.

Just rest your trust with NGR Upgrade and forget about the electricity bills. Hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials are proof that we excel in our field. Connect with us to get the best possible deals at the most appropriate price.

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