California Requires Solar On New Homes

California Requires Solar On New Homes

In an unprecedented move by the State of California, all homes will be required to have solar energy, as part of a new clean-energy initiative. The new requirement will not take effect until 2020, but it is still something many current and prospective homeowners should prepare for in the next 24 months. California is the first state to require that all new homes have solar power as well. New construction builders may also want to consider working with a solar energy company to install solar panels and comply with the new ruling as soon as possible.

As solar becomes more apart of the mainstream, many homeowners will start to look for it as a feature that prompts them to buy a new home. As the requirement launches, there will be an increase in the need for the top solar energy contractor Los Angeles has to offer.

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Why the Push for Solar Power?

As many can attest, solar panels provide clean, sustainable energy that allows you to power your home without using nuclear power. Energy companies have long lobbied against solar energy requirements, but this move makes it clear that electricity should be available in a way that is free of energy monopolies, providing homeowners with the ability to save on their electric bills and become sustainable.

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Some reasons that homeowners are turning towards solar include:

1. Reducing Energy Bills Drastically It’s not just homeowners who can take advantage of these benefits, but businesses and non-profits can also use solar to cut costs on electrical bills. You can generate free power for your building for over 25 years. Each year, you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

2. Better Return on Investment Many people consider solar to be an expensive addition to their homes, but rather it is an investment. The returns are almost immediate and competitive with what you would get out of a bond or stock. The average American homeowner can actually pay off the cost of a solar system within eight years, generating an average ROI of 20 percent.

3. Rising Energy Costs Due to the increase in electrical costs, you may be paying more and more for energy if you continue to stick with the utility company. Isn’t it better to invest in your own energy that is free to use? It’s one of the key factors that homeowners are looking for in newer homes as well.

4. Increase Property Value Homes with modern solar systems are able to get higher property values and sell faster than regular homes. Appraisers are also taking solar energy panels into consideration when looking at the price and long-term value of a home, which is allowing many homeowners who invest in solar to recuperate costs quickly.

5. Protect the Environment It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Solar is the best way that humans can reduce their carbon footprints on a global level. While California has taken the first step, there are many other states that are likely to follow suit in the next few years. If everyone were to go solar, we could greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the entire globe.

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Finding a Solar Panels Contractor Los Angeles

New home construction is imperative to the success of solar energy. With over 480,000 new home unit permits, California’s home builders need to look at partnering with affordable solar energy companies like NRG Update. By partnering with a top solar installer, builders get bulk options and can work towards a system that ensures all of their new homes meet the California requirement.

Some of the things that NRG Update can provide new home builders include:

Create a powerful network of solar power in your community and experience a collective difference through the support of solar farming that generates power for an entire area.

Get clean solar energy that is sent directly into the power grid for your home and get solar credits to help with electrical costs. There are no drawbacks to working with NRG Update. You don’t need to have a new roof installed or look at ongoing maintenance costs.

There is an easy sign up process and a transparent pricing structure that is meant to save the customer money.

With locally produced solar energy, you don’t have to worry about ever being without electrical service or dealing with outages. The upfront costs are rather cheap and will depend on the partnership.

NRG Upgrade can help transform your home into a solar energy machine. NRG Update also has a clean process that produces renewable energy and delivers it directly to the homes and buildings on the local grid. After creating this powerful energy generation, the community can benefit from clean power and solar credits that come from feeding into the local power grid with excess electricity.

With NRG Upgrade – solar panels contractor, installation provides more accessible options for those who want to install solar into their homes and businesses without such a high upfront and installation cost. When builders partner with NRG, they save on their costs and empower their new homeowners with the best energy available.