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Solar panel installation

Our goal is to help people live a greener life where one can make the most of what nature has to offer. Energy is everywhere, and NRG Upgrade helps package the surroundings into one efficient solution translated into various products, resulting in customers saving money and the planet along the way.

About Us

We are a professional team of innovators operating from our Los Angeles based office. Our clients love the personal relationship and dedicated service we provide.

We truly believe in referrals as the best source for new clients and aim to contribute to every local network. We guarantee satisfaction and make sure you are fully aware of all your benefits and entitlements before commencing the work.

Our experiences and expertise allow us to provide you with the best solution for your home, based on your consumption and lifestyle, we offer the most suitable solutions so you can maximise natural energy and cease with paying utility bills.

Green Energy

In a world where mass production has brought the planet to it’s lowest point in history we believe it is up to us to renovate and repair or at least decline the destruction.

The term renewable was coined to define a new way to utilize the energy around us, by utilizing natural sources that reappear in nature, sources we can’t run out of, such as wind, sun etc. Instead of digging inwards and ruining the planet by using fossil fuels, a new option of looking outwards and maximising natural resources was introduced.

Solar technology, a result of such a transition, is simply the use of sun rays transformed through various channels to create electricity. Californians can be considered lucky to not only be allowed but encouraged to transform their properties into sustainable properties that rely on advancements in green technology solutions.

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